‘Jan Ki Baat’ Poll survey predicts NDA will get a full majority with 304 to 316 seats

The Election season has arrived. Parties are campaigning in full swing for their victory. Political analysts are busy giving their predictions as to what will be the outcome of these elections. How much their opinions may differ but one thing that all results are indicating is the victory of Modi Government

Recent poll has been conducted by Jan Ki Baat, one of the accurate poll predictor. The poll has predicted NDA win on 304 to 316 seats. Out of this Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is expected to get around 248 to 260 seats. UPA will win 126 to 117 seats out of which Congress will have share of only 73 to 70 seats. For other alliances and parties, the poll has predicted a win around 113 to 110 seats in the Lok Sabha elections.

The Survey has used superior methodology for finding the results. The strategy that has been used is, “Geo-strategically selected units through purpose sampling” and the interview technique used was “Structured, face to face interviews.” The opinion poll has been conducted between Feb 1st to April 2nd, 2019 with a sample size of 5 lakhs.

Several polls in the past such as Times Now-VMR, IndiaTV-CNX, News Nation, India Today -Karvy, India TV – CNX, ABP News, all these polls have come out declaring NDA in majority. Moreover, apart from the opinion polls, in the betting industry too, the odds are highly in favour of the NDA government.

The Opposition parties tried their best to degrade PM Modi and his Government. They left no stone unturned to tarnish his image. They stooped so low that they even did politics over our soldier’s death. They questioned PM Modi first, blamed him for the Pulwama attack, lashed out at him for not doing anything. Later, when he took revenge instead of supporting his move they posed a question mark on our soldier’s capability and demanded proof from the Government for the strikes

They thought that this will help them a lot in creating a false narrative against Prime Minister Modi. And they will be able to present him as a villain. But as usual, our hero Prime Minister Modi turned all the tables and will come back to power with a bang

All these surveys show that PM Narendra Modi is the popular choice of the nation and nation feels more secure and safe under him. Modi wave is not over but has strengthened more