Janatha Curfew! Modi ji Proposes An Unique and Effective measure To Help India Fight Corona with Sankalp (Resolve) and Sayyam (Restraint)!

In his important speech on 19th March 2020, Narendra Modi made important announcements. Here is an article which passes on his message to fight the deadly corona virus.

In the start of his speech,he mentioned, “The whole world is passing through a serious crisis. This calamity has striked the whole world and put the mankind in crisis surpassing World war I and World war II calamities.”

He further added, “In the midst of this global crisis, we unnoticed the after effects of covid-19. With the wild spread of corona, it is now extremely important for every Indian citizen to remain cautious.”

“Whenever I have asked something, you (the citizens) have never let me down.Your blessings have always been a strength to fight all odds.I’m seeking few weeks from you.”

Here were the brief action plan suggested by Narendra Modi on tackling this fight against covid-19.

1.”There’s a need to follow two important things to combat coronavirus – resolve and restraint.”

Till now, there is no such solution (vaccine) to curb the spread of this pandemic disease. Government of India is keeping a close watch on the track record of this. With government of India taking necessary steps to tackle this disease, Modi urged citizens to combat this disease by “resolving” and “restraining”. (Sankalp and Sayyam)

2.”Today what is known as social distancing, is very important in the present phase of coronavirus pandemic.”

It is very important for us to remember “Hum Swasth, Toh Jag Swasth” as a mantra to combat covid-19. Known as social distancing, it is critical for us to understand this and remain patient and determined towards protecting ourselves from this pandemic disease.

3.”All senior citizens should stay at home for the next few weeks.”

It is very wrong to underestimate the spread of coronavirus. Continuing to roam in the market, streets and still believe that it will be okay will only make it worse for friends and family members.

To stop further spread, Narendra Modi requested all the senior citizens aged above 60 to remain at home for the next few weeks.

  1. “Every citizen should follow Janta curfew from 7 am on 22nd March. Only people related to essential services should come out on 22 March.”

Narendra Modi seeked support on an issue to fight out this challenge. He issued people’s curfew (Janta curfew) – a curfew for the people , by the people.

  1. “Success of Janta curfew and its experience will prepare us for the next challenge.”

The Janta curfew – for the people,by the people on 22nd March will help in combatting coronavirus along with restraining our service towards nation thus preparing us for the next challenge.

  1. “I request all to avoid going to the hospital for a routine check up. If you find it very necessary, take advices from doctors you know.”

As medical services are available 24/7, it is very easy to get a health check up.Modi requested his fellow citizens to avoid going to the hospital. He also suggested to take advises from doctors only if necessary.

7.”This pandemic has severely affected the economy. Government has decided to form a Covid-19.Economic Response task force headed by the finance minister.”

Global crisis due to coronavirus, it also will have impact on the economy. To fight this economic challenge, the task force mentioned above will take decisions in the near future

This will based upon the regular feedback from all the stake holders withholding all the steps to reduce economic difficulties.

8.”I appeal to the people not to hoard essential items out of panic.Government is taking all necessary steps to ensure supply of essential commodities.”

It is very necessary to not panic about the near future and buy commodities in stocks. He reassured to the citizens of India to keep faith and protect themselves and others around them.

Anagha Mahishi




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