Janeu Dhari Brahmin in Bahrain!!! This is how Rahul Gandhi insulted India in the Arabic Nation just a few hours back

After insulting India in the United States of America months back, the newly elected Congress president has made a fool out of himself in the foreign land. After blocking the triple talaq bill in the Rajya Sabha, Rahul Gandhi decided to celebrate this royally by visiting Bahrain.

As usual, Rahul Gandhi starts his strategy of spewing in an Arab Nation against India!

“India today is free, but once again it is under threat. There are two clear threats that face our country today. Our government has failed to create jobs for the people. Instead of uniting people of all religions together, the government is busy creating the anger due to lack of jobs into hatred between communities”, RaGa said.

It is apparent that Rahul Gandhi is unable to come out of the shock of Gujarat defeat. So his speech was like an extended version of Gujarat campaign. Congress President started to fear monger in the Arabic nation by insulting India’s development.

“There is a serious problem in the country and you can solve this problem. I have come here to build that bridge. Instead of removing poverty and creating jobs, what we see instead is a rise in the forces of hate and division. I’ve come here to ask for your help. We need you to fight these forces of anger and hatred”, RaGa added.

Even in Bahrain, Rahul Gandhi decided to mislead the people by using caste and religion. In Karnataka, which is ruled by Congress government, youths are getting killed on a daily basis, farmers are committing suicide due to poor support from the Congress government yet Rahul Gandhi is falsely accusing PM Modi, in a foreign land. What could be more shameless than this?

“Our ancestors needed you in 1947 to protect the idea of India and I have come to seek your help to transform India now. Today the problem is that the signalling is wrong. There is violence against somebody, there is silence. There should not be silence. The government of India should make its position clear. We cannot imagine an India that does not belong to all of us”.

After insulting India, Rahul Gandhi promoted his dynasty saying, Jawaharlal Nehru was also an NRI and returned back to India with intention of freeing India from the clutches of British. These bizarre statements were made by Rahul Gandhi while addressing the NRIs.

Rahul Gandhi wants to send home all the senior Congress leaders?

“We may be fighting BJP but our focus is to provide a vision for India. If we give a new Congress party to India, it is not a big task to defeat the BJP… We are working on it. You will see dramatic change in Congress and you will see leaders you can have trust in”. By saying this, Rahul Gandhi hinted at sending home several senior leaders who had worked for the Congress. What will happen if this 47-year-old alleged youth icon becomes the Prime Minister of India?

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Look at a hilarious excerpt of Rahul Gandhi’s speech!

Hansika Raj