Did Jawarahlal Nehru actually beg RSS to participate in the Republic Day parade…Subramanian Swamy reveals!

Today most people in the so-called secular and liberal brigade finds it hard to believe that RSS had participated in the Republic Day parade in the year 1963. These liberals are so much engulfed with their pseudo-ideology that RSS indulges in spreading communal hatred and are against the sovereignty of the state. The Congress for decades has only spread fake propaganda against RSS and its ideologies.

One such fake story created by Congress was about giving opportunity to RSS to participate in the Republic day parade. But not many know the exact truth. Subramanian Swamy who is known to reveal some dark truths that no one dares to speak about has spilled the beans on what made RSS participate in the Republic Day parade in 1968.

According to Subramanian Swamy, Jawaharlal Nehru had begged the RSS to participate in Republic day celebration in 1963. The RSS had helped the Indian military forces and police when Pakistan had attacked India in 1965. Nehru had asked RSS help to maintain the law and order situation in the country. Swamy goes to say that RSS had agreed to participate in the Republic Day after Lal Bahadur Shastri had conveyed Nehru’s message.

It is well known that RSS played a crucial role even during the Kashmir integration in 1948 and also during Chinese invasion to Bangladesh liberation helping the soldiers and civilians who had suffered in the war. RSS even today provides all facilities to those people affected by floods or any natural calamities.

Some people today in Congress call the RSS participation in 1963 Republic Day parade a hoax, but they never dare to prove their claims or challenge Subramanian Swamy on the matter since they know its true. The Congress which is always ready to go to Supreme Court to save Sonia and Rahul from National Herald case never talks about why they haven’t challenged Swamy’s claim that Nehru begged the RSS to help him control the Law and order situation in the country during crisis.

Swamy says Congress has developed a habit of targeting RSS members since 60 years just to build a narrative of communal and secular debate. He has also given an example saying how would Congress feel if we call Gulam Nabi Azad an ISIS supporter just because he is a Muslim.

Aishwarya S**