Did Jayalalitha Write a Message to PM Modi Just Two days Before Her Death???

The firstpost yesterday released a story claiming that Jayalalitha had written a note to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 2nd, just two days before she suffered heart attack.

It is said that Jayalalitha was watching TV in a high dependency ward of the Apollo Hospital when she asked for a pen and paper and with great difficulty scribbled a note addressed to the Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary P Rama Mohana Rao which contained the message for the Prime Minister.

According to reports, the message said “Please do not interfere with the amount of gold owned by Indians, as it is a matter of sentiment”.

The report goes to say, that is the proof to show that Jayalalitha was fully conscious and aware of every development around her. The report also says that Doctor’s statement that she was recovering well and responding to treatment can be proved by this incident.

The article in Firstpost also says that on Sunday evening at around 4.30 pm – 5 pm Jayalalitha was watching TV and suddenly suffered major cardiac arrest and was immediately attended by a critical care specialist who was her side when she collapsed. He saw the parameters falling and administered a CPR and later she was put on ECMO, a heart assisting device. But the condition of Jayalalitha looked bleak and there was no improvement.

Sasikala was the first person to step in and took all decisions relating to Jayalalitha. It is said that AIADMK leaders wanted Sasikala to lead the party although many believed that Sasikala was no more trusted by Jayalalitha.

What is interesting here is, the article in Firstpost focuses less on the note written by Jayalalitha and focuses more on projecting Sasikala as the next leader of Tamil Nadu. It is very apparent in the article that they want to project Sasikala in good light and delete all news that’s pouring in against Sasikala ever since Jayalalitha passed away.

It looks like a very well planned strategy which can be called “Ek Maar Do Thukda” because by claiming that Jayalalitha had written a message to PM Modi they can convey two messages. One that Jayalalitha was very much alive and was recovering as said by doctors and second to project Sasikala as loyal person and never hid real facts about Jayalalitha’s health. The article cleverly tries to build a perception that AIADMK members wanted Sasikala to lead the party and during the last 30 hours, all were happy to take instructions from Sasikala.

The article says that the letter was later passed to the Governor who delivered the message to the Prime Minister. However there is no record or picture released showing Jayalalitha’s hand written letter. So how are we supposed to believe that the letter was really true??

Importantly, when the central government had neither released any official statement on Gold crack down nor said they have plans to do so in future, why would Jayalalitha write a letter on these lines?? In fact the RBI and Finance Ministry had clearly stated that government will NOT TOUCH GOLD after there were many rumours being spread on social media.

It can be very well remembered that Tehelka magazine had clearly quoted an incident which lead to the ouster of Sasikala by Jayalalitha, when she found that the documents relating to MONORAIL project was forged with Jayalalitha’s signature. Why cant this also be a similar act??

So this news cannot be trusted as far as the numerous unexplained developments that happened during the 75 days of Jayalalitha’s stay in Hospital.

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Aishwarya S