JDU Leader Sharad Yadav Angry with JDU-NDA Alliance; May Form a New Party

Nitish Kumar aligning with the BJP has angered a few in the party. The biggest face who is displeased is Sharad Yadav. There are reports that he might float a new party.

It is said that he even met some party office bearers where he discussed the split in the Grand Alliance. Although he would only take a call on what to do around August 19 when the JDU national executive meets in Patna. Yadav isn’t happy with the JDU going with the BJP in Bihar but he hasn’t openly criticised Nitish Kumar.

Sources say that Yadav has called a meeting under the banner of ‘Sajhi Virasat’ (common heritage) on August 17 to which leaders of various opposition parties will be invited. The topics on agenda in the meet are likely to be communal harmony and democratic rights – the former is a defunct topic aimed solely at gaining minority votes while the latter is nothing but a way to fool the public. Clearly, Yadav doesn’t have anything to go on except the only common denominator in Indian politics today – hatred toward Prime Minister Modi.

Vijay Verma, a trusted aide of Yadav, said that Yadavwas in touch with ‘old friends’. “Forming a new party is one of the options to which serious thought is being given,” he said.

As was expected Lalu Prasad has appealed to Yadav to quit the JDU and join the fight by ‘secularists against communal forces’. It is amazing how self-lauding some politicians are. Yadav has already met senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad and CPI-M’s Sitaram Yechury. Again, the only two aspects driving this move are – 1) accumulating minority votes by terming oneself as ‘secularists’ and, 2) hatred toward Prime Minister Modi.

Yadav’s political acumen is evident in this very move. He’s met the leaders of two parties, one which is losing state after state and is shrouded is serious corruption charges; the other who’s doesn’t have a single member in RS. Aligning with losers and hypocrites seems to be the only option for the sulking Yadav.

Yadav who has somewhat shown himself to be strictly anti-corruption, today talks against Nitish quitting an alliance with one of the most corrupt families in the country? Isn’t this also politics of egoism and opportunism?

Vinayak Jain


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