Jignesh Mevani AAM ADAMI PARTY Dalit Leader resigns following allegations of creating Violence and using Dalits For Votes!

Jignesh Mevani  the dalit leader from Aam Adami Party who was heading the protest against state government in Gujarat has resigned. He was leading the “˜Dalit Asmita Yatra”™ to protest against the Una Dalit attack.

The Dalit attack incident in Una led to a series of political blame game and secular parties trying their best to win Dalit vote banks. The resignation of Jignesh Mevani came after many locals revealed that he was trying to incite violence in the name of dalit protests and divide the community for votes. The investigation of Una incident also revealed that the incident looked like orchestrated and not just a spontaneous action of cow vigilants. One of the attacker being Muslim also raised serious question whether the entire episode was scripted. The car in which the attackers came was brought all the way from Daman, 700 km from Gujarat. Its illogical to believe that someone would come from Daman to Gujarat to attack Dalits!

Many Dalit rights activists and NGOs have stated that there has been a desperate attempt by the AAP and Congress to divide the community. Locals also believe that these incidents are being racked up as a backdrop to the upcoming Gujarat elections.

Creating riots, violence has been age old tradition of Congress party before every election. Now it seems like AAP also has joined hands with congress. It”™s shameful that these parties have nothing to talk about development but are busy breaking the society to attract vote banks.

Aishwarya S


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