Jignesh Mevani, the man who abused PM Modi has now mocked the Indian Army! Here’s how he insulted the first ever Surgical Strike

The man who fought elections on the funds of an organisation that had links with terrorism has once again used his motor mouth, but this time to insult the Indian Army. After the surgical strike video that was released by the Indian Army days ago, Rahul Gandhi had to shut his mouth, but the Vadgam MLA Jignesh Mevani who does all kind of works except working in his constituency for his people, has insulted the Indian Army.

Even though the Indian Army had provided proofs on the surgical strike, few of the haters of nationalistic forces didn’t agree to accept the evidence given by the Indian Army. One among them was Jignesh Mevani. He insulted the Indian Army stating,

  • Modiji did a big Surgical Strike on the people with demonetisation and GST. He told the farmers of India that he would double their income — he has done a Surgical Strike on them.
  • He promised jobs to 2 crore youth but didn’t provide — he has done a Surgical Strike on them. He has done a Surgical Strike on the media also by not implementing the Majithia commission report.
  • Modiji’s Surgical Strike is dangerous because it’s on 1.25 billion people.

Jignesh Mevani; the one man hate factory!

After the assassination of senior journalist Gauri Lankesh, this man started to gain media attention with his hateful speeches that targeted the BJP, especially PM Modi. Jignesh Mevani didn’t even forget to drag PM Modi’s mother in one of his hateful speech.

This adopted son of Gauri Lankesh expressed his hypocrisy by holding PM Modi accountable for the death of Gauri Lankesh instead of the then Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah. Jignesh Mevani had said “the Modi government killed Gauri Lankesh because she questioned the government for not capturing the killers of MM Kalburgi. Our fight will continue until we get justice. Let us march towards Delhi and continue our fight by sitting on the chest of Modi and Mohan Bhagwat. Modi is spoiling the name of India and he is the worst PM with worst mentality”.

Jignesh Mevani also provoked people to travel to Gujarat’s Gandhinagar and question Hiraben Modi (Modi’s mother) for giving birth to the worst son like Modi. But none of the leaders from Rahul Gandhi’s battalion condemned this statement.

Even after the Gujarat elections, he had abused PM Modi using derogatory language. Mevani had said “I would very pro-actively want to say that Modi Ji we are done with you; you are now boring to us. You should go to the Himalayas and visit a Ram Mandir and ring bells there”.

Earlier this year, he had created controversy after mocking PM Modi. He had asked PM Modi whether anyone had said him “I love you”.

The reports had even said that Jignesh Mevani was behind the Bheema Koregaon violence in Maharashtra. This is where the Modi government has failed. Even though it is heading in the path of progress, PM Modi led BJP has not succeeded in controlling the VIP rogues who provoke people and get away.

Source: Republic World

Hansika Raj