JNU’s call for AZADI meant Freedom to RAPE???

In an utterly shameful and shocking incident, Anmol Ratan a student of Jawaharlal Nehru University and All India Students’ Union (AISU) activist has been arrested for drugging and raping a 28 year old research scholar at the university hostel room.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of police received the complaint from the girl on Sunday. The girl in the complaint stated that during the month of June she had requested her friends on Facebook that she wanted to watch the movie Sairat and to pass if anyone had a copy. Anmol had some time back messaged her saying he had the copy of the movie and would provide it to her. On Saturday, Anmol picked her from the girl”™s hostel to his room in Brahmaputra Hostel and offered her some drinks which might have had drugs in it and made her unconscious, during which the boy had raped her in his room.

The girl said she was kept in confinement the whole day and was threatened not to reveal the incident to anyone. Sunday morning she visited the Vasanth Kunj police station and reported the incident.  This episode has brought a disgrace to the University which was already under scrutiny for supporting Anti National activities and criminalities.


This is not the first time JNU has been accused of rape activities, the entire Delhi knows that late night parties are very common in JNU campus. Alcohol, drugs and sex are the main attraction in the parties. The Sunday Guardian had reported in 2011, where sex and drug rackets were rampant in JNU. Although liquor and smoking is banned inside the campus, most students in JNU take pride in breaking the rules and dare the administration to arrest them. JNU”™s drinking hotspots are seen in Parthasarathy Rock, the water tank near Godavari Hostel. Ganja (afeem) and Weed (opium) is most commonly used in both JNU as it is easily available in nearby slums. But many students also buy heroin and cocaine. Anindya Dutta Gupta, a student also admitted that live-in relationships is a common practice in JNU campus and so SEX become inevitable.


Few months back another incident was been reported from JNU that SEX Parties have become very rampant in the university. And more shockingly the students are involved in sex rackets with JNU professors. There were reports that girls roam in the campus late nights wearing bikinis. Over one thousand boys and girls have been fined from Rs 2000/- to 5000/- for organizing such parties inside the campus. Sex workers are being hired in the campus and luring girls from JNU into the racket. One can notice huge number of high brand cars running in the campus late nights, especially weekends. Many security officials also have been involved in the racket. Fresher”™s are mainly targeted luring them by alcohol, sex and drugs. Almost every student in the campus is aware of such incidents. But many professors of JNU have been actively involved in supporting such activities have misused their positions to suppress the voice of people who oppose them. Few months back, a dalit student was reported to have got pregnant, but the professors did not reveal the details of the incident and the whole issue was covered up to save their faces.


3edMany students claim that the leftists ideology is very strong in the campus and since they have few professors and political support speaking against them would invite trouble. The leftists students are violent and do not hesitate to go any extent. There are also instances that many fresh students are brain washed and attracted towards anti national activities. These students are paid huge money and junk for organizing protests (Similar to Afzal guru event). If not how can they buy expensive jackets, travel in flights and expensive cars says a student.

The University which is supposed to be an educational institute is involved in all sort of criminal, anti national and anti social activities. It is appalling to see how educational institutes have turned into a hub of drugs and sex racket. I wonder what type of civilians will such university produce?! Sometimes it feels like we have no LAW in the country.

Its better such universities are shut down, if not no wonder these people are capable of turning India into another Pakistan!

The entire liberal brigade went gaga over AZADI slogans calling it freedom of speech during Afzal Guru event in February….So did JNU liberals mean they wanted AZADI for RAPE???!

Aishwarya S