JNU – a clear agenda to disintegrate the students of India and turn them into Communists!

It is pretty obvious that any Indian is enraged when someone cries out anti-national statements. It is more enraging and questionable when ‘someone’ is a fellow Indian, obtaining the highest form of formal education from the ‘most reputed’ government educational institution. Worse still, when that ‘someone’ gulps down every bit of privilege given to him by the Indian government and yells out “Kashmir ki aazadi tak jung rahegi, Bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi.” Oh, he also opposes the judicial killing of a terrorist named Afzal Guru and calls himself a revolutionary.

We wish we could just call all the above a hypothetical bad condition. But sadly, its all true, and we all have endured the students of the so called elite college of India – the Jawaharlal Nehru University display such repelling behaviour. After all the high drama that was instigated by Kanhaiyya Kumar and his associates at JNU, the country was enraged to the highest point at the reckless nature displayed by the ones assumed to be the future of the country. However, the drama ended with considerable tolerance on the side of sensible Indians – for otherwise, the youth that called out for the destruction of India surely did not deserve to be left alone to survive in the very nation.

Regardless of the peace that is now prevalent around JNU and the self proclaimed rebels of the University, the concern is not something that we can be rid of. Captain Ajit Vadakayil reveals the harsh realities of the Jawaharlal Nehru University and the people associated with it in his blog. “World class facilities, and third class thinkers” is the outright rude yet appropriate statement used to describe the JNU students, faculties and research scholars.

All the information regarding why JNU is a haven for communists and leftists comes from this blog, where Ajit Vadakayil puts forward information from first hand sources. The reason behind students turning liable anti nationals at JNU are the faculty who are chosen on the basis of their leftist ideology. There are specifically instructed to brainwash students and fill in them anti-Indian ideas like those displayed by Kanhaiyya Kumar and his associates. It is said, that students who propagate communist ideas at JNU are sponsored! They are also given ample recommendations and good grades for the communist ideology propagation, but most students just pretend to be communists in order to access those privileges. Once they do, they just throw the imposed ideals down the drain.

However, a handful of students and researchers who do incline towards the leftist side stay at JNU way beyond their terms. It is said that they earn ample money from external sources that encourage their anti-national brainwashing motives. More so, most such in-house residents of JNU are addictive drug users, who cannot afford to lead a free and independent life outside the campus.

The blog explains how freshers find it difficult to cope with the prevalent leftist ideology all along the campus of JNU. It is said, that it is easier to access even the most basic of student facilities if you share a common ideology with the seniors and faculty. For those who enter with a Hindutva oriented mindset, deliberate attempts are made to ‘expose’ vulgarity and unreliability in the Indian scriptures and Puranas to them.

Trojan Horse NGOs not only funds such deliberations, but also supplies liquor within the campus to individuals who impose the communist ideas on the rest. They are also provided other types of ‘services’ including drugs and females, and not even the women’s hostels remain spared. While all faculty and management are well aware of these conditions, they are either unwilling or not in a position to take any action. The slogan of the Maoist-Naxalite student wing AISA – All India Student Association is heard around openly stating ‘Naxalbari Lal Salam.’

Not only have faculty members from within JNU been arrested for all sorts of illegal reasons – such as Binayak Sen for criminal conspiracy, sedition and link with Maoists; there are Naxalites seen roaming within the campus with arms. The primary agenda is to sustain an environment of unrest within the campus, so that the students remain divided and the system remains disintegrated. It is pretty obvious from the kind of support it receives externally – we can notice that all Congress and left based leaders speak for JNU, while right wing oriented leaders always ridicule it. JNU also made its inclinations clear when it insulted and stopped Baba Ramdev from visiting the campus.

Naturally, these anti national communists within JNU are supported by external sources from outside the country. For a nation that is just overcoming a 1000 year long slavery condition, JNU is the one thing completely against what defines its progress. A place where students are expected to turn into assets for the country is, in fact, turning them into potential terrorists, and the outcomes of it are already evident by the students who step out of it. The kind of activities they undertake, the statements, the alignments are all clearly NOT what the country seeks from its youth.

And its not happening on its own, without an agenda that is supporting this process from external standpoints. There must be a reason JNU has turned into a nightmare of a university, and it is high time we stay away from that place and allow the centre to act on the same.

Trisha Jay