Why JNU Hates Modi and Can Never Tolerate a Nationalist Government ??

What will happen if someone snatches your daily meal? Will you start get angry on him? Will you start hating him? Will you criticise every other act of him? Will you not try to find out one or other allegations on him just to release your frustration? Do you need any more reasoning for the question why majority of JNU students and professors hate Modi? Let me explain one by one.

Daily meal:
People in JNU have a tag line of intellectuals behind them. They have been giving suggestions to alleviate poverty and hunger since time immemorial. But PM Modi is talking about eliminating poverty by 2022. What will they do afterwords? Their daily meal is based on their positions of being intellectuals and advisors! But their stupid advice will not be required! Then how will they earn their daily living?

They have been posing as voices for the poor. If all poor people are empowered in the coming years, for what reasons will they protest? How will they get popularity?

They have been talking about socialistic principles where the government will take the onus of feeding the poor. That means government will provide food grains to the people, subsidised fertilizers for the farmers, subsidized fuel and so on. This will only increase the burden on the government and will not make the people self reliant. But Prime Minister is talking about empowering the people by creating jobs and make them capable to pay for the services that they need. In order to make this vision come true he has started programs like Make in India, Skill India, MUDRA and other entrepreneurship promotion schemes etc which have gained significant success in the last two years! This is again another major concern because, they will have to work hard find new issues to raise! That’s why they keep criticising all these programs of the government, even though they kept quiet when India saw a jobless economic growth.

Narendra Modi is not a populist. So he dares to take certain strict measures if they help the country to prosper. That means the extremely and undesirably cheap hostel rent in JNU campus might be increased which will again hit those students who never stop learning in these universities and continue to stay there for years together!

When all these frustration join together, how will they be able to tolerate Narendra Modi? He will have to be criticised. That’s why they show blind eye to all other incidents which created big mark in our society except the Gujarat riot in 2002. They have branded Narendra Modi and his party as communal because they back Hindutva ideology whereas they call secular by promoting anti Hindu activities, muslims and criticising everything that is done by Hindus. That’s why Sri Lal Krishna Advaniji had rightly called them pseudo secular. If they were really secular, then they should have treated all religions equally.

Just because Modi promotes industries, it doesn’t mean that he is anti poor! Rather his approach to eliminate poverty is different. But critics of him are still complaining the same things and are ignoring the social measures taken by the government especially in the recent budget. However, the JNU students including the student leaders who rose to popularity through their anti national slogans are continuing with the same questions and not going forward anything more. They have got struck there and they think that the world has progressed only that much! That is why huge lot of JNU continues to hate Modi.

Akshara Damle


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