JNU student leader and popular Modi hater Shehla Rashid deactivates her Facebook profile after she gets rape threats by Islamists

You now need the courage to stand against women rights. You need to think twice before fighting for the welfare of women in India. Do not think of making a move unless you think more than twice. Or else you will be trolled by the Islam brigade. You will be threatened to be raped by them. You may lose your dignity to the hands of Islam followers!

This clearly shows how intolerant are the other side of religion who tries to preach others but can’t manage themselves.

Hooligan Islamists displayed a special kind of skill on Facebook last night. You literally need guts to call upon a Hindu woman and openly threaten her of rape. They also threatened a Muslim woman to be raped unless she shuts her mouth. The Muslim woman here is a JNU “student leader” named Shehla Rashid and communist is a “women’s rights activist” named Kavita Krishnan.

“Shehla Rashid deactivated her Facebook profile. She wrote a post over Ankit Saxena, asked Muslims, if they would let their sisters & daughters marry a non-Muslim man of her choice. But she got rape threats by Radical Islamists as Answer of her Appeal!”

Nothing to worry, she has got the taste of her own medicine- a tweet said.

Karma is a bitch. All these days she was busy proving how intolerant Hinduism is but now she has got the taste of her own “peaceful” religion.

Commies like kavita_krishnan are here to destroy young students career & drag them to Naxalism. They use these college students as a ladder to fight against govt- said another tweet. 

Former JNU vice-president Shehla Rashid has deactivated her Facebook profile after receiving multiple rape threats and hate messages for speaking up in support of interfaith marriages and the right of Muslim women to choose their partners. She received a whole lot of negative comments when she requested her “Muslim friends” to support her thought. Well, I am not surprised about it.

Referring to the recent murder of Ankit Saxena in the national capital by his Muslim girlfriend’s family, student activist Shehla Rashid Shora published a Facebook post asking if the Muslim community would allow their daughters or sisters to marry a non-Muslim man of her choice.

Drawing a comparison with the Hadiya case, she said, while the outrage over the denial to let an adult Muslim woman choose her life partner was justified, the same right should be given to all Muslim girls, irrespective of which religion they love.

She further went on to say that it is the Constitution, and not Islamic/Hindu law, that gives both Hadiya and all other Muslim women to choose their partner.

Special Marriage Act allows interfaith couples to register a marriage without conversion; she said adding that while Muslims as a community insist on Constitutional rights, they should also respect the rights given by the Constitution to an individual.

Soon after her post on Facebook, rape threats, hate messages and regressive trolls were hurled at Rashid by the Muslim hooligans, alleging her of trying to spew hatred among people. She was highly abused and threats were posted on Facebook.

The reactions to her posts were just opposite to what she thought her Muslim friends will come up with. As per the reports, many Muslim users commented on her post condemning and abusing her for asking such a question. Some declared that they will choose Quran – which prohibits marriage of a Muslim woman with a non-Muslim man – over the constitution of India that allows inter-faith marriages. One user even supported the killing saying it was the ‘final solution’ to maintain ‘prestige of houses’!

Source: Opindia



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