Swami Vivekananda’s Statue Vandalized In JNU! Will Those Who ‘Lectured’ Not To Politicize Problems Of Students Support This Serious Misconduct Too?

When we were in school, the most dreaded thing was not failing the exams, it was when our teachers said they would write ‘poor’ in our conduct certificate which will make sure that never get admission to college or we will never be able to get a decent job!!!

Looks like the so called ‘hardworking’ students of JNU are so ‘poor’ that they do not have good conduct to put on display. Such a sad state of most highly acclaimed premium University of india.

Students at JNU we’re on protest for the hike in fees. Even after the university offered a partial roll back of the Hostel Fee Hike the students had continued the protest  and the Fresh images of rampant vandalism at the campus by students is now pouring in.

The bust of Swami Vivekananda whom the whole nation considers a role model for youth, was vandalised by students of JNU in the morning. Wrote abuses at the stone next to the bust of Swami Vivekananda . ‘Bhagava jalega’- the saffron will burn was the message on that!

What is the relation of these innocent students with politics???!!! Can Those liberals who went on giving free advises that students should be kept away from politics, justify why these beloved students are carrying out rampant vandalism??? University campus should be revered like a place of worship and the Marxist ideology has eaten into the minds of student so strongly that they took part in most disgraceful act of vandalism.

JNU administration has said that they will take strong actions against those who are found guilty in the whole incident of vandalism.

Security Officials of JNU has captured visuals of all the incidents of disturbance and vandalism. These incidents that have been recorded will be investigated by the investigative proctor of the varsity. The incidents to be investigated are of Vandan Mishra, Ad-block gate break, Vivekananda statue, vandalism at JNU VC office along with Dean Umesh Kadam being held hostage.

The university will give punishment of rustication from the University to those 10 students who have been recognised. Other students who have been involved in the provocation will be fined Rs 20000 and eviction from the hostel as well.

All India Students Association, AISA along with students of DU, Jamia and other colleges along with teachers had come out in support of JNU hostel fee hike.

Now one can understand why the slogan ‘Saffron will burn’ surfaced on the campus!!!!

They now are protesting against the National education policy that recommends starting of foreign universities, closure of public funded education in favour of corporate universities. All the students and teachers demand not partial, but complete roll back of fee hike that was released by the JNU admin a day back.

These students were enjoying the hostel rooms at just RS 10 per month fees and hike of the same to 300 is a burden for them.

In recent updates, it has been learnt that the Vice Chancellor would be shortly filing a police complaint. It would be the first time after 2016 controversy that the VC would do the same. Pointedly, the VC had not filed a police complaint even when his wife was held hostage inside the campus.

The protest at JNU had reached an impasse day before leading to a massive law and order situation at the university’s convocation. The students had blocked the exit, confining the Union HRD Minister in the building for nearly six hours.

HRD Ministry received the plea of the students and yesterday, after more protests, the JNU administration rolled back the hostel fee hike partially. Student union, however, is demanding a complete and implicit roll back of the contested Hostel Manual.

This is not the first incident of vandalism in JNU campus.

JNU professor Buddha Singh’s car was found vandalised while he was speaking at a meet organised by teachers and students at the Sabarmati dhaba to condole the death of 25 CRPF jawans in Sukma.

The university administration had faced opposition from the JNUSU when it installed a CCTV camera at the Brahmaputra hostel. some students from JNUSU had dismantled it. Administration believed that there is a dire need of CCTVs as it will help in nabbing those who indulge in any wrongdoings.

The Professors of the university had emphasised on the need for CCTVs, and had also demanded action against the JNUSU president for dismantling the camera installed by the administration in Brahmaputra hostel earlier.

Many professors opined that it’s a matter which requires questioning of different political groups on JNU campus, Left-wing precisely, because the chances of vandalism for condemning an attack by Maoists in Sukma are surprising.

JNU is in news for wrong things time and again. They have problem with supreme courts verdict, they have problem with abrogation of Article 370, they shout Bharat Tere tudke honge’ and now they stooped so low that they are participating in vandalism. JNU is in need of immediate treatment.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth


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