JNU’s Hall Of Shame: RTI Reveals More Criminal Achievements than Educational.

In a most embarrassing development, the RTI query filed by Delhi based activist Gopal Prasad in The Central Public Relations Officer’s office of JNU has revealed that the University has most number of lawbreakers and the University has taken disciplinary action on an average against seven students every month from past 6 years.

The violations mostly included for consumption of alcohol, drugs, intoxicants, using abusive language, organizing protests and ruckus, misbehaving with fellow students, staff, security and blackmailing. The actions were taken based on 537 complaints against many students in the university.

More than 300 complaint for consumption of drugs (marijuana), alcohol and intoxicants.
Student fined rupees 52,000 for consumption of alcohol at Mahi Mandavi Hostel.
Two students fined Rs 1.34 lakh and Rs 87,760 for marrying research scholars breaking hostel rules
Three students fined Rs 1.93 lakh, Rs 1.45 lakh and Rs 1.36 lakh respectively for not vacating hostel rooms, creating ruckus, inciting violence, consumption of alcohol with outsiders within campus.
After the Afzal Guru incident in February 9th, 21 students were booked for violating rules, inciting violence and sedition charges.
Anirban Bhattacharya, Banajyotsna Lahiri and Draupadi Ghosh banned for 5 years from entering campus.
Sayeed Umar Khalid suspended for 6 months and fined 20,000.
Mujeeb Gattu and Ashutosh Kumar banned for 1 year and fined 20,000 for raising anti national slogans and supporting Pakistan.
Kanhaiya Kumar and Saurabh Kumar Sharma fined 10,000 each for anti national slogans.

It is shameful that this educational institute has more criminal record than educational record. I wonder what type of citizens is JNU producing. It is scary to imagine what illegal activities will these people indulge into once they are out.

Aishwarya S