Joke of the century: I am reading Upanishads, Gita to take on RSS and BJP, says Rahul Gandhi

India’s legendary comedian is back in business. This time he said “I am reading Upanishads, Gita to take on RSS, BJP”.

Now that is a welcome move, finally Rahul started to read Hindu scriptures. But it is still hard to believe. But the question is that, why he has to read Gita, if he wants to fight against RSS and BJP. Are BJP and RSS so strong that his Italian wisdom isn’t sufficient to tackle them?  Won’t his Italian mother be angry if she comes to know that he reads Hindu scriptures?

“I ask them (RSS men), my friend, you are doing this, you are oppressing people, but it is written in the Upanishad that all people are the same and how come you are contradicting what your own religion says,” party sources quoted him as having told them.

Now this is hilarious, he comes from a family which has excelled in discrimination caste and religion but he questions RSS. His party -Congress-shamelessly insult soldiers and “Raga” says RSS is discriminating. Whole nation knows who is doing Dynasty politics but Raga preaches Upanishad to an organization which is based on the core principles of Veda and Upanishads.

He alleged that BJP does not fundamentally “understand India,” and “understand only Nagpur,” headquarters of the RSS.

Wow! Rahul Gandhi, you are incredible. Raga comes from a party which never respected the ancient culture of India and he questions BJP. India is proud that RSS that gave us Prime Ministers like Atal Bihari Vajapayee and Modi. According to Raga, Congress understands India well. Now let us ask him what did your party contribute to our nation? Answer is, dividing India in name of caste and religion.

Trying to attack Narendra Modi, he said BJP men were under the impression that the “entire universal knowledge” came out of the Prime Minister.

Accidently or sarcastically he has spoken the truth. No need to doubt Modi’s knowledge. But whole of India knows Rahul Gandhi’s intelligence.

Rahul also said that he has decided to watch Tamil films and read about Tamil culture. Raga also said that he sent a SMS to Priyanka Gandhi saying “I love coming to Tamil Nadu and I love Tamil Nadu and its people”. She replied that “I love them too”

Let us not forget of how Congress mentioned Kashmir as “Indian Occupied Kashmir”. So when this is the reality, it is impossible to believe that Raga has started to read Tamil history. We know how Amethi’s situation is. He doesn’t have time to sort out the issues of his own constituency, so will he do any good to Tamilians.

Proofs that Rahul Gandhi didn’t read Gita or Upanishads:

  • Gita or Upanishad says cow is out mother, but Raga gets pleasure when his followers slaughter the holy cow
  • Gita or Upanishad doesn’t say to lie, but Raga is a living legend who never says the truth
  • Gita and Upanishad are the foundation of Hinduism. But he always ridicules Hindus. He even said that “those who visit temples also tease women”.
  • Gita or Upanishads doesn’t say a leader to go on foreign trips when the nation needs his presence
  • Gita or Upanishads advocate respecting of elders. But Mr. Raga never did it
  • Gita or Upanishad gives us wisdom. But we know that to what extent Raga is mentality matured


Source: NDTV.com

Vikrant Raj