Jokes Apart! Do You Really Know About Patanjali “DESI JEANS”

When Baba Ramdev launched Patanjali products, most people made fun of him, mocked him for using Ayurvedic products. But in less than one year Patanjali products have sent shivers to most of the MNCs like HUL, P&G and ITC. No one ever imagined that his products would over take the age old products of MNCs.

Many may wonder that his success in business is somewhere linked to Narendra Modi”™s win in 2014. But many do not know this success was not achieved overnight but a rigorous research of over three decades. The Patanjali Unit has over 200 scientists, 0ver 10 labs which are working on research based products. The Dantkanti toothpaste which uses only ayurvedic products and natural herbs would not have been successful without being good, today 25 lakh tubes are manufactured per day. Patanjali today aims to set up 10 mega units, 50 semi-mega units and many small-scale units and compete with multinationals by “˜Swadeshikaran”™ (Indianisation).

Ramdev in an interview to IndianTimes says, we want our Indians to win medals in Olympics and get good name. So why can”™t we pursue the same spirit in Indian Economy as well? “My fight is against foreign companies trying to take over our economy ,” says the yoga teacher said.

One of the main business that is monopolized by foreign companies is the garment industries, So Ramdev aims to check mate the Foreign companies by launching the “SWADESHI JEANS…PARIDHAAN”. To an interview to telegraph he said, when we are aiming to bring ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE to our country from foreign monopolization, we definitely have to promote indigenous and natural products.

He said “We will make men”™s and women”™s wear, not just traditional Indian clothing but also modern wear like jeans for example. Just because I am a baba does not mean we cannot marry modernity with spirituality, we can make, let”™s say desi jeans.”

Baba Ramdav knows his best success came from his Best Trolls. When he first launched some of his products, we saw most of them mocking and gave a negative publicity to his products. But they failed to realise that without spending much for advertisements, Patanjali gained maximum publicity and stormed the markets. Patanjali products have maintained quality which is one of the reasons for its success. Coalgate was one brand which suffered huge against Dantkanti toothpaste. The use of banned chemical (triclosan) in Coalgate while Dantkanti uses only natural products attracted the market which was looking for a genuine product with no harmful effects.

Now, Baba Ramdev has used the same trick of marketing, he has announced the launching of DESI JEANS which will obviously be mocked and taunted by trolls. This will again get him maximum publicity and by the time the jeans is launched, people will be well aware of the brand. His PARIDHAAN Jeans have already sent jitters to many companies like Levi”™s, Lee or Wrangler or Crocodile or Mark & Spencers manufacturers in India.

Baba Ramdev”™s next plan is to hit the western market in US and UK. “Soon, we will be competing with multi-nationals like Unilever in developed countries and bring the profits earned back to the country.” He also plans to set units in Bangladesh and Nepal who are great competitors of garment business to India. The greatest advantage of Patanjali products are using local available products which has brought down the cost and retained good quality.
The current turnover of Patanjali products is over 50,000 crores and Ramdev aims to set up PAL unit on a 40-lakh sqft at Mihan in Nagpur, the biggest in the country and expects to employ 10,000 to 15,000 youths. No doubt Patanjali will soon be a global brand.

Love Him or Hate Him, but this man has truly defined the MAKE IN INDIA campaign!

No kidding, he has made the MNC giants to sweat to retain their brand name in the market. Isn”™t this the spirit of making India a strong, independent economic giant in the world!!!

Aishwarya S