Journalist caught spreading fake news about ‘child lifting’ on WhatsApp arrested in Madhya Pradesh!

Few weeks back, a series of heckling incidents took place in Karnataka, Assam and few other parts of India where fake news were spread about Child kidnappers. Following this, two people in Karnataka were lynched by crowd which resulted in the death of a person. But later it was found that the news was fake.

Just days after this incident, similar incident was reported from Assam where two youths were lynched by a mob of 200-250 men believing them to be kidnappers. Nilotpal Das, 29, a sound engineer working in Goa, and his friend Abhijeet Nath, 30, had gone to the Kansi Langso waterfall to capture its sounds. On their way back to hometown Guwahati in Nath’s SUV, the duo stopped at Panijuri village, where a mob of 250 beat them to death. Their “long hair” apparently aroused the suspicion of the villagers, who had heard on social media that child kidnappers from outside Assam were roaming the state, a police officer said. He didn’t explain why long hair would be deemed suspicious. Times of India Report

The video which went viral on Social media showed that the youths were pleading for their life saying they were Assamese and still no one ever heard their cry.

But now, the Madhya Pradesh police has arrested a journalist who was found to be spreading fake news about Child Kidnappers. According to the police, since few weeks there were rumors being spread on whats app about child kidnappers and organs smugglers being in the village of Singrauli district which resulted in the attack of two people in the village. But the police who went searching for the source of rumors found that it was the journalist who was found to have spread fake news on whatsapp.

The police said “We had to take a tough action considering the situation. Journalist was forwarding the messages,” Singrauli SP Vineet Jain told TOI. A journalist called shish Upadhyay was booked under the Section 153 of IPC (Wantonly giving provocation with intent to cause riot). The police said they had rescued more than 10 people from the mob who attacked thinking them to be child lifters. Police had prevented an Assam-lynching rerun in Balaghat last Sunday night when they saved two men from being beaten to death over a WhatsApp rumour that organ thieves from outside were on the prowl. Times of India Report

A video was also being circulated on social media in Balaghat, Seoni, Chhindwara and Dindori districts of MP and Rajnandgaon of neighboring Chhattisgarh for the past three weeks, showing organs being removed from a man when he is still alive which had scared the people to the core and they were worried to step out of the house after 6 fearing kidnap from organ smugglers. However police suspect it to be a torture training video of some terrorists organisation which is being used to scare people.

Two days back another incident was reported from Balaghat where rumors were spread about few outsiders entering the town believed to be kidney smugglers. The villagers who were panicked with the news attacked a jeep carrying two members without verifying facts. The jeep was set on fire. It was later found that the two men had arrived to the village to visit their relatives.

The police thus suspect that it was the journalist who had spread many fake news in a bid to create sensation and gain publicity. It is a matter of shame that today journalists have forgotten the ethics of journalism and are themselves indulging in spreading violence and hate among people. These rumors will only help real kidnappers and organ smugglers escape easily while innocents get victimized for fake news.

Stringent action must be taken against these irresponsible journalist who is putting the lives of innocent into deep trouble.

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