This journalist of NDTV who always attacked PM Modi has now praised Modi and mocked Congress! After knowing the reason, you’ll get goosebumps for sure


The name of this journalist was heard in a scams which worth more than a few billions of Indian rupees, a few years back. Not just this journalist’s name but even the names of Prannoy Roy, Radhika Roy,  KVL Narayan Rao were also heard. As per Subramanian Swamy, NDTV floated a company in London by the name of NDTV Networks Plc (NNPLC) for siphoning off the illicit money, in which this journalist was named as one of the directors.

The journalist is none other than Vikram Chandra, also known as  Vikramaditya Chandra, who is a group CEO of NDTV. Over the years, with his decent and not so aggressive style of anchoring, unlike Barkha Dutt, Mr Chandra was successful in spreading the anti-Modi propaganda.

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But all of a sudden, he has praised PM Modi and said that Indians are respected throughout the world after Modi’s arrival. To everyone’s surprise, he has even condemned the then Congress rule. Have a look at his statement!

  • “My first big coverage – I came to Davos in 1992 with Prime Minister Narasimha Rao. India was totally ignored then and treated as unimportant. From there to the opening plenary in 2018. India has come a long way! We should feel proud!”

Why did NDTV journalist accept that Indians are globally respected after PM Modi’s arrival?

India never had a strong opposition as Congress had complete monopoly over the nation. From bureaucracy to literary academics, from historians to allegedly seculars, the Congress had deep-rooted itself in India.

Ironically, Congress failed to build the image of India globally. Whenever Indians traveled out of India, they didn’t get the adequate respect. This humiliation was even faced by the NDTV journalist Vikram Chandra.

But today, the situation has changed. Indians are now welcomed with red carpets anywhere in the world. The Indian talents are in high demand. The Indian inventions are competing with the world. And the credit goes to PM Modi. I am not saying that there was a dearth of talents before Mr Modi became the PM of India, but India lacked a leader who could thinks on behalf of the 1.31 billion Indians, until 2014.

Even a person, who was known for spreading agenda against PM Modi has now started praising him. This proves that PM Modi is working for the nation.

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India should have reached this status 10 years back. But do you know why we failed?

India was solidly placed after the 5 years of governance done by Atal Bihari Vajpayee. But soon after Congress-led UPA came to power, India was again pushed back decades behind, when it came to development. But due to PM Modi’s personal charisma, diplomacy and even policies, India reached the position of “Vishwa Guru” in just three years.

Vikram Chandra and his links with scams!

On 6th December 2013,  senior advocate Ram Jethmalani had written a letter to P Chidambaram accusing him of acting in collusion with the NDTV and laundering Rs 5000 crores of money through Mauritius route back to India. In the letter, even the name of Vikramaditya Chandra was mentioned.

Below is an excerpt from the letter!

“Shri Prannoy Roy, Shri Vikramaditya Chandra, Shri K.V.L.N. Rao and NDTV Ltd. hatched elaborate but crude plans to launder the bribe received by you, a serving Public servant through “hawala and fictitious jamakharch entries” to be routed through “Letter Box Shell Companies” to be floated by NDTV Ltd and kept parked as share capital/equity/unsecured loans”.

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Hansika Raj