Journalist Rana Ayyub tried to insult PM MODI and called him A BIGOT, People give her a Befitting Reply!

Rana Ayyub is known for he biased propaganda against Hindus and PM Modi for quite a long time. We can also say that she has made her career by creating anti-Hindu and anti-Modi stories. She also published an anti-Modi book on Gujrat riots, which shows the veracity of her hatred towards PM Modi.

She never miss any chance to abuse PM Modi and this is not the first time she did that, people also give her back in the same spirit and then she usually play victim card and call herself as the most abused person on Social Media.

It all started two days back when Ex-Vice President Hamid Ansari made a controversial statement on the current situation of Muslims in India. While speaking to Rajya Sabha TV, VP Hamid Ansari said that “there is a sense of insecurity among Muslims in India”.

This statement created a sort of storm where people from all the section of society started registering their protest against this statement of Mr. Ansari. Even PM Modi wasn’t able to hold himself back and made a stunning statement in Rajya Sabha while making a farewell speech for Ex-VP Ansari. He made a sarcastic statement on Ansari and said that now Mr. Ansari is free and he can live his life as per thinking and aligning.

PM Modi’s left handed compliment was highly appreciated by every Nationalist, on the other hand Modi haters and people with anti-national sentiments tried to out rightly reject PM Modi’s statement and accused him of disrespecting Ex-VP Hamid Ansari.

Rana Ayyub who always look for such opportunities came down heavily and tweeted against PM Narendra Modi by calling him a Bigot.

As expected, people were outraged by her callous tweet against PM and slammed her like never before.

A gentleman suggested her to visit a psychiatrist as her sickness has been increasing day by day.

On one hand these Torchbearer of Freedom of Expression openly abuse our PM, and on other hand they keep crying for suppression of their voice, pure hypocrisy?

This one is among the best one J

This one is definitely an eye opener for Rana Ayyub, she has been doing this propaganda for last 15 years and even after her constant abuse and maligned propaganda, government has never bothered her. Still these people accuse this Government of imposing an emergency, what a joke.

Manish Sharma