Journalist Sagarika Ghose gives a tip to Congress on how to defeat PM Modi and you just can’t stop laughing after hearing it

Congress is no more a “national party” in India as it is losing its presence in every corner of the nation. The fresh example is of how it performed poorly in the Uttar Pradesh bypolls, where it couldn’t even overtake the independent candidates.

However, this must not be a case to worry for the Congress as it contains more think tanks than its actual voters. Yes, one of the unofficial spokesperson of the Congress party, Sagarika Ghose, who acts like a part-time journalist and a full time Modi hater gave an advice to the Congress party after its pathetic defeat in Uttar Pradesh bypolls.

She said,

Dear Congress, if you want to defeat Modi, don’t be a vote cutter and field candidates where you don’t have a chance. Fight where you have a chance! Where you don’t, let the regional leaders and parties fight.

Sagarika Ghose meant to say that as the Congress lost its influence on the Indian voters, it cannot win any elections on its own. That’s why it is the need of the hour for the Congress party to not to field any candidates so that a regional party which is anti-BJP could win the poll. She also meant that Congress needs to join hands with the regional parties that are against BJP inorder to form a government.

This statement was nothing else than a massive self goal because, just a day ago, Sagarika Ghose had said that “Journalists, IMHO, should stay away from politics & loyalty to any political party. Compromising independence is worst thing scribes can do to themselves. Lets strengthen India’s civil society, strengthen liberal democracy, work for justice. Let the netas be naked in their hamaam!”.

In just a day, journalist Sagarika Ghose has made a complete u-turn and has opted to openly advice Congress on how to gain back the lost glory. She also said, “Why on earth did Congress field a candidate in Phulpur? Wishful thinking! Grand old party trails yet again as SP-BSP run away with the polls”.

It is apparent that Sagarika Ghose is feeling uneasy under the Modi government and perhaps the main reason for this is that she is not getting the special status that she enjoyed during the tenure of UPA government.

Sagarika Ghose and her husband just need “name, fame and money”?

  • Dear Rahul Gandhi, please take this as a motherly advice ! Since May 2014 Sagarika Ghose and Rajdeep Sardesai are really missing the “good old” days , so, whatever she tells, just do it ! Other than “name-fame and money, this couple want nothing from you.

Sagarika Ghose is supporting one of the endangered species. The century old party, Congress, couldn’t even grab more votes than the independent candidate!

  • Even Atique Ahmad got more votes than total combined votes of Congress in Phulpur and Gorakhpur. What a shame for an oldest party of India! Truely an endangered species.

It is really shameful to see that few from one of the pillars of democracy, the media, are openly declaring their loyalty to certain political party.

Hansika Raj