These journalists accompanied Mamata Banerjee to London, stole silver cutlery during official dinner, caught on camera!


Until now we thought Indian media and journalists had only turned PR agents to few political parties and forgotten journalism, but a news emerged yesterday which showed few journalists have also turned out to be good shop lifters. Probably this was the last badge of honour a journalist could get after Presstitutes, anti Nationals and anti India.

The three Indian journalists were senior editors who were handpicked by their organisation to accompany Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to London on an official tour. A dinner was hosted by the London authorities in a grand luxury hotel where many industrialists, politicians from other countries and few journalists were present. Nobody expected that Indian state would be disgraced on an international platform in such cheap level. There were CCTV live monitoring and security personnel everywhere. But the great Indian journalists dared to flick the silver ware from the dining set arranged for the dignitaries. These shameless journalists somehow believed that they can get away with the theft. But the CCTV footage has recorded every incident which embarrassed the entire country.

Allegedly the first to pick a set of dessert spoons off the table and into his pocket was a senior journalist, a reporter with a respected Bengali newspaper. Watching him, other senior journalist flicked few more cutleries and put in his pocket. One journalist among the three was said to be a regular person who accompanied Mamata Banerjee in most of the foreign tours.

It is said that these journalists thought the CCTVs were not working as it the normal case in Bengal. The security personal were immediately informed about the incident and initially decided to raise alarm. But given the high level meeting, the security personals did not want to embarrass the dignitaries and decided to end the matter silently.

The security personnel went to the journalists and informed that they had been watching them and knew what they were doing and requested them to put the stolen items back on the table. Most of the journalists felt embarrassed and returned back what they had stolen. But a senior journalist refused to admit he had stolen and started to argue with the security person and dared them to search his pockets. But he did not realise that the CCTV had captured him stealing silver wares and dumping it into another journalist’s bag. After the staff told him that he will be handed over to the police, he eventually confessed and was left off after he paid a fine of 50 pounds.

According to an account by a Bengali journalist, this particular man has a “habit of regularly pilfering cutlery and other goods from hotels during foreign tours though this is the first time he got caught.” He goes to the extent of claiming that this man “is a cheapskate who stays in economy hotels to save money but reaches the star hotel of the CM so that he could partake of the free and lavish breakfast served there.” His contemporaries also cast aspersions on his merits as a journalist with claims that the disgraced scribe is the son of a well-known Bengali author, who used his father’s connections to land a job at the newspaper though he was not qualified. He is aid to have initially joined as a clerk but then moved up, “using his manipulative abilities not just to become a journalist but to get himself attached to all the foreign trips and junkets” reported Outlook!

These journalists have not only shamed themselves but have shamed the entire country with their disgraceful attitude. Such people get high positions and ranks using their maiden name, utilize all government benefits and then disgrace the whole fraternity with their cheap stunts. This is exactly what the standard of journalism has fallen to in our country. When PM Modi took over as PM, the first thing he did was to cancel all perks and undue favors and free foreign trips for journalists. Many journalists from NDTV, IndiaToday had expressed disappointment over the decision by PM Modi. Now we clearly know how much they enjoyed in the name of official tours in tax payers money.
These journalists should be named and shamed and should be thrown out of journalism profession. The names of these great journalists are: Senior Journalist Dipankar Nandi of Aajkal News, Deobash Bhattacharya of Anand Bajar Patrika – ABP NEWS (Regularly travels with CM).

Credits: https://www.outlookindia.com/website/story/senior-journalists-accompanying-mamata-to-london-steal-silver-cutlery-during-off/306637

Aishwarya S