A journey of a Pakistani From Islam to Hinduism!

While the world fights over the supremacy of their religion Hinduism has from time immemorial evolved itself by the way of living. While few religion believes in killing everyone who do not believe in their beliefs Hinduism has openly accepted that every religion is equal and every human has rights to follow any religion they choose. While some religion claim there god is supreme Hinduism says the concept of god stays with in oneself. Hinduism is a beautiful way of life which has given equal importance to every creature on planet earth. Be it trees or animals Hinduism respects and adores the creation of the creator. Hinduism doesn’t believe in converting people and forcing upon their religion on someone, Hinduism openly accepts anything who walks into its folds and gift them a life of peace and humanly teachings. Here is one such story of a Pakistani Muslim who was born and bought up in America.

Farhan Qureshi as named by his Muslim parents practiced Islam however Farhan was in search of religion which is divine, a religion which gives equal importance to every living thing on planet earth, a religion which believes in peace, a religion which is not practiced but is a way of life and a religion which gives you the rights to question the existence of god alone.

Farhan was young when he discovered that the world needs a religion which would spread love rather than hate, he was in seek of inner peace. He went through a lot of religious preachings and books. Youtube videos helped him in a big way. Farhan was inspired by the preaching of Isha Foundations and eventually discovered his soul lays in Hinduism. He accepted Hinduism and today he lives a Hindu way of life. He has now took upon himself to spread the joy and science of Hinduism.

He has chosen Social Media as a effective platform to spread the love of Hinduism and explains his Journey from Islam to Sanatan dharma.  Do watch the video to understand his journey and how Sanatan dharma has been influencing a lot of lives in the west to embrace Hinduism.

Tasleem Ibrahim