JuD chief Hafiz Saeed is using Kautha Rape case to spread hatred against India does not dare to show his concern to Sameena Sindhu, a pregnant Pakistani singer shot dead by Jihads!

Kautha rape case!

This being a trending news now in India! Everywhere, celebrities are uploading the photos holding a wordings which says that they are Hindustanis and they are ashamed! Till now, no one dared to say that they are Hindustani! But when Kathua rape case has emerged as a communal issue, these so-called ‘concerned’ people are spreading hate!

Now, Hafiz Saeed on the track! Using Kathua gangrape case as a fresh idea to propagate hatred against India, terror organisation Jamat-Ud-Dawah chief Hafiz Saeed in a recent video message sought to evoke strong reactions over the killing of a ‘Kashmiri Muslim’ girl.

In the video, Saeed said that “What was the crime of the 8-year-old Kashmiri girl? Was being a Muslim the crime for innocent martyrs? Why is it that the United Nations and Human Rights organisations are silent on such atrocities?

The girl was Muslim, does that mean this crime is justified?” He further questioned!!

According to the reports of India today,  Saeed has so far maintained silence on the rape and murder case of an 8-year-old girl in Pakistan’s Punjab province days ago. Addressing a gathering at the Chauburji Chowk in Lahore, Hafiz Saeed called the ‘Kashmir freedom’ struggle a movement of protection and completion of Pakistan.

Further, “The countrywide massive campaign would be launched to support Kashmiris and wide-ranging unity will be formed to pressurise rulers to raise voice for Kashmir internationally,” he added.

Unfortunately, the same world’s most wanted terrorist did not dare to mention the death of a singer who shot dead because of silly reason! How he justifies his own nation’s death?

Yes! She is Sameena Sindhu!

According to the reports of BBC news, the singer’s husband, Ashiq Sammoo, said in a police complaint that a man at the celebration had pointed a gun at his wife and “threateningly ordered her to stand up and sing”. When she said she was pregnant and could not stand, he said, the man shot her. Wow! What a humanity that Saeed talking resides in his own nation?

Well, one man has been arrested in connection with the death. Tariq Jatoi told journalists outside court that he had fired in the air in celebration and a bullet hit the singer by mistake. He was remanded in custody! Meanwhile, Protesters have demanded that two men who were also present at the scene should be arrested as well. But, why the same Saeed is silent over this?

Niaz [Junejo, the reader of a sessions court judge] asked my wife to stand while singing and also dance,” Ashiq said, per Samaa TV. “She was pregnant and said she couldn’t dance. She rose to stand up and continued singing. In the meantime, Niaz, who was inebriated, provoked his friend, Tariq Jatoi by saying that he just sat and watched while Samina refused his demand. Some of us took Samina to the hospital. The police beat up the other musicians of our team who had been left behind and also snatched Rs35,000 from them.”

Does this same Saeed have any guts to condemn this? No! Because it is evident and common in Pakistan! That too, in the world of Jihadi’s, there is no place for Music! Might be, he will justify the same in case of Sameena Sindhu!

Ms Sindhu was a locally known singer. She had produced at least eight albums of Sindhi folk and Sufi music but her main source of livelihood was to sing at family functions, as is the case for many musicians across Pakistan.

Prithu Agnihotri