Just 3 days after Congress announces farm loan waiver with ‘CONDITIONS’ farmer commits suicide in Madhya Pradesh!

Rahul Gandhi’s first tweet after his CM took oath as Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh was…..”Its Done, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh have waived farm loans, we asked for 10 days, we did it in 2″

These were the words of Congress President Rahul Gandhi who boasted big time about his farm loan waiver. But if one had observed closely, they would know that the farm loan waiver had exorbitant conditions applied than it had benefits.

Just 3 days after Rahul Gandhi tweeted, the state reported farmer suicide as he was not entitled for farm loan waiver.

The Congress had also claimed that it had waived off farm loans in Karnataka after they formed government with JDS. They released Rs 44,000 crore but in reality only 800 farmers were benefited in the state. There have been continuous farmer suicides being reported from state. Should be assume that the government gave 55 crore to 800 farmers??

Obviously no! The 44,000 crore has vanished without a trace into politicians pockets!

Same situation will arise in MP as well where the people will never know where did the money go and daily we will hear the news of Farmers suicide.

The social media activists have now questioned Rahul Gandhi who boasted about farm loan waiver!

Take a look!

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