In Just 72 Hours….Know the Number of Complaints Government Received on Black Money!

Few days back, the governmnet announced that common people having information of black money holders can send their complaints to [email protected], just 72 hours after the announcement, the income tax department has received a whooping 4000 complaints and information related to black money holders.

The governmnet opened a new mail ID exclusively for people to file their complaints. The Government said that people without fear can file their complaints against anyone and the name of the complainant will be kept anonymous. Just hours after the announcement, the site started pouring in with mails from all over the country giving information on possible black money holders. The government also announced that cases of Income Tax evasion, unaccounted money, wealth and smuggling can also be reported to the Income tax. If the report is found to be true, the people will be awarded with gift.

The 4000 complaints received by the income tax department is in addition to the other information being received from banks and investigative agencies on a daily basis.

Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), part of the finance ministry said that all the information is being recorded and the”The system is capturing a lot of data on daily basis.” The IT and the ED have been relentlessly working 24/7 and have unearthed over 4000 crores worth new and old notes, huge amount of jewellery and other high value items from black money holders.

Several bank officials across the country have been detained and many of them have been suspended for involvement in converting black money to white. Many mangers have also been questioned for helping illegal transaction of VIP’s, businessmen and real estate owners. Most bank officials in co-operative banks have misused their position and helped fraudsters deposit huge amount of cash in Jan Dhan accounts, co-operative bank accounts, loan repayments, credit card payments, electronic transfers and withdrawals.

Information has been given on people buying high value products, jewellery and realty. Many complaints has been received against State Bank of India, ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank officials but most people have complained against Axis Bank in several parts of the country. Given the amount of data and cash being deposited, it is believed that many bank officials are helping black money holders and IT officials are on hunt to capture them red handed.

With just 10 days left, most people who have stacked enormous amount of money are finding it extremely difficult to get their black money converted to white, since the IT department has tightened the strings and the options are narrowing soon.

Aishwarya S