Just a week after Subramanian Swamy warns about Congress using Russia-KGB link to influence 2019 elections, Sonia Gandhi visits Moscow!

It is very well known that Subramanian Swamy is one such person who has a deep connection and gets such information that no one would have access to. Subramanian Swamy has made many sensational claims even before which have later proved to be true. He was the one who exposed the National Herald scam of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi which embarrassed the Congress party and made the Gandhi family live on bail.

Just a week back Subramanian Swamy had made a serious claim that Congress which was desperate of coming back to power was now planning to use the Russian connection of Sonia Gandhi and the KGB intelligence to influence the upcoming 2019 elections. He warned India to be on high alert as things to turn murky if foreign power gets involved in the internal affairs of India.

His claims cannot be neglected as it is well known that Congress has hired Cambridge Analytica, a British firm which was caught stealing personal data of millions of users on Facebook to influence their political choice for 2019 elections. Mark Zuckerberg himself conceded that millions of data was accessed through Facebook by Cambridge Analytica.

But now Sonia Gandhi is herself proving that Dr Swamy’s words are true. Just a week after Swamy made sensational claims, Sonia Gandhi has planned to visit Moscow to inaugurate a photo exhibition of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. According to reports, Sonia Gandhi is also scheduled to visit few museums in Moscow, considered among the best in Europe and Eurasia. But the sources said that Sonia Gandhi’s trip was private and not much details were to be disclosed. Given Sonia Gandhi’s background and her KGB link, it puts various questions on her role. Not to forget Sonia Gandhi’s father himself was a KGB agent.

These private foreign trips have always been common for the Gandhi family who do not disclose any information on their foreign visits. It’s been speculated that Gandhi’s visit foreign countries for various political reasons and manage their Benami bank accounts which is said to be in US, Italy and other countries. But these Gandhi’s think they are answerable to none and are above law and constitution. Their murkier activities of visiting foreign countries in taxpayers money without disclosing the actual reason has become a subject of debate in the recent times.

And now with Dr Swamy revealing the vicious plans of Sonia Gandhi it has made us believe that Congress will try every dirty trick to break this country with a desperate attempt to come back to power.

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