Justice Loya’s death not mysterious, confirms Justice Bhushan Gavai who was with him in the hospital!

Justice BH Loya died in 2014 following heart attack in Nagpur. His death sparked controversy with Congress and few other political party started a narrative calling it a conspiracy. Loya’s family also said they wanted investigation in the case. An independent petition was filed in the Supreme Court seeking probe into the death, following this the Supreme Court directed the Maharashtra government to produce all documents related to his death.

However there was no clear evidence or proof which indicated that Loya’s death was mysterious. But somehow all the opposition party’s got a chance to attack Modi government. They claimed conspiracy in his death as he was hearing the Shorabuddin murder case in which Amit Shah was also a party. The Congress raised this issue on many occasions targeting BJP for political points. Yesterday during the press meet by the Supreme Court judges, one of the journalist deliberately asked the judges if they demanded independent probe into the matter, despite 2 courts monitoring Justice Loya’s death case.

But now, one of Justice Loya’s close friend Justice Bhushan Gavai has clarified that there is no mystery in Justice Loya’s death and it was a pure case of heart attack. Justice Gavai was present with Loya during his final hours and he accompanied him to the hospital. It is said that he was even present in the ward where Justice Loya was admitted.

According to Justice Gavai, they both attended a wedding in Nagpur, returning back Judge Loya went out “for a paan” and was out “chatting till late at night” with his colleagues. At about 3:30 am, when Judge Loya began feeling uneasy, he was driven to a local hospital accompanied by a court official and a judge from Mumbai with whom he was sharing a room, recalled Justice Gavai.

Justice Gavai said that he was informed of the death at about 6:30 am and rushed to the hospital (by then, Judge Loya had been moved to a larger hospital from the one where he was initially taken). “Justice Mohit Shah was also informed and he too reached,” Justice Gavai told NDTV. “I saw his body in the ICU where the doctors had tried to resuscitate him. No blood on his clothes, did not see any foul play,” he said.

Justice Gavai also said that throughout the entire time, Judge Loya’s family was being provided updates on the phone by Dr Prashant Rathi, who lives in Nagpur. Mr Gavai said that it is incorrect that Judge Loya’s body was sent unescorted to his village in Latur after he died. He said two judges were among the team that accompanied the body after a post-mortem had been conducted.

This is in contradiction with what family claimed. They said that Justice Loya was taken to hospital in an auto rickshaw and without appropriate supervision. The family had also claimed that before his death he was offered Rs. 100 crore by Justice Mohit Shah, who was then the Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court to acquit Amit Shah. But they have failed to produce any evidence for their claims. Accusing another judge is a serious issue and needs to be backed by evidence, but this more so looks like an orchestrated plan by few politicians who are using Loya’s family for their politics.

Aishwarya S