Juvenile Accused in Nirbhaya case Attempts Professional Cooking after Release from ‘Juvenile Home’

Guess, what the few months short of 18 years (Juvenile) accused in Nirbhaya case is doing now? Well, for some obvious facts- he is a grown-up adult, 22 yrs old now. The heinous rape crime happened in 2012, and it was then, he was just a juvenile alleged accused. Later proved guilty, his punishment (by law) of spending counted days in a ‘juvenile’ home received a lot of public flak.

His release also drew a lot of speculation; what is going to be next in his life? Not many were aware of his background earlier too. We now know that cooking is his hidden passion, and his prepared food was very popular with his inmates. He was a cook-on-demand then.

Speaking about his present whereabouts, we know that he continues his cooking frenzy. He is working at a roadside eatery, in South India. An NGO rehabilitated him after his release, and later he shifted to the South India side.

According to an HT report, he was trained in painting, tailoring and cooking during his three-year stay at north Delhi’s Majnu Ka Tila shelter home. But for the 22-year-old man- the ‘juvenile’ of the Dec 16 gang rape, who was found guilty of raping and killing the 23-year-old physiotherapist on December 16, 2012- cooking was always an art he wanted to master. A year after he walked free, he is far away from the national capital, earning a living cooking at a dhaba in south India. Authorities do not want to disclose his location fearing a threat to his life.

A number of welfare officers and a counselor, who spoke to him at the correction home, told HT that he was the most disciplined inmate.

Pooja Bhatia