JW Marriot Dubai removes Indian star chef Atul Kochhar for questioning Priyanka Chopra on depicting Hindu nationals as terrorists in Quantico!

In India you have the freedom to mock Hindus, Hindu Gods, call the Nation intolerant, communal, lynch capital, anti-minority and what not, but still all of them are referred to as the flag bearers of free speech and liberalism. Those people who call India intolerant should first see what Dubai has done to world famous Indian chef just for stating the obvious.

Atul Kocchar is a famous Indian chef working in the JW Marriot Dubai. He is well known in many continents for his unique style of cooking style. This person tweeted against Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico episode where Hindus were depicted as terrorists. This episode led to extreme criticism throughout the country after which the Quantico producers and Priyanka Chopra apologized for hurting Hindu sentiments.

Atul Kochhar questioned Priyanka Chopra that she never respected the sentiments of Hindus who have been terrorized by Islam. This is a blunt fact Mr Atul Kochhar tweeted for which he has been targeted badly.  The only mistake he did was to say that Islam was founded 2000 years back, instead of 1400 years.

Just days after his tweet, some of the liberal lobby have reported his tweet to JW Marriot hotels and made sure that he loses his job. Yes, the hotel in its statement said to Republic TV that…

“Following the recent comments made by chef Atul Kochhar, we have taken the decision to end our agreement with him for Rang Mahal.”

“At the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai we pride ourselves in creating a culture of diversity and inclusion for our guests and associates across the hotel and our restaurants,” it added.

Atul Kochhar had to tender an apology after he was terminated from his job.

But the pseudo-liberal lobby in India who rants about freedom of speech have expressed happiness over Atul Kochhar’s termination and accepted that they were the ones who complained against him. It was journalist Rupa Subramanya and Rana Ayyub who had written to Marriot seeking action against Atul Kochhar.

This is exactly what is called hypocrisy of Indian secular lobby. In India, the situation is such that if you speak against terrorists, anti Nationals and traitors you will be termed anti-minority, communal and bigot. But at the same time you have all rights to speak against the country, wave ISIS/Pakistani flags on Indian soil, chant Bharat Ke tukde, Bharat Ki Barbadi and attack Indian Army on streets and still pose yourself a hero under the minority tag.

A person like Priyanka Chopra can call India and Hindus as terrorists and save the real terror nation Pakistan and still make good money, while a person like Atul Kochhar cannot speak the truth and survive. Isn’t what Atul Kochhar mentioned in his comment true? Isn’t it correct that Indians and especially Hindus were attacked and targeted by the Mughals for over 700 years? Isn’t it true that thousands of temples and beautiful monuments of Hindu traditions were destroyed? Isn’t it true that Mughals tortured, raped and murdered lakhs of Hindus for refusing to convert to Islam? Can these people say why Padmavati and Rajputs committed Jauhar only when Muslim rulers invaded their Kingdom.

People do not want to speak the truth. They want to hide themselves from the truth and believe in the fake secularism peddled by the so-called historians because that is very convenient. Even today the scars of Mughal torture towards Hindus can be seen in every History. But the system has turned against our own people protecting the anti-National lobby who are destroying the Nation in every way possible.

Nationalists have reacted strongly against the Marriot hotels and called for boycott for termination Atul Kochhar. Take a look!

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