Kairana Hindu Exodus, a Reality! Authentication from NHRC Team!

Yes, nobody can escape calling Kairana Hindu Exodus a bluff anymore! It”™s authenticated now! NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) found Hindu Exodus in Kairana, Uttar Pradesh a genuine case! In the wake of this Confirmation, let”™s get to the roots of this issue! Kairana being just an example among many, let”™s do its Case Study!  Hindus are humans too, after all! Especially as Hindus are the biggest victims of Vote bank Politics in India!

Kairana , a small town in Shamli District, UP“¦ almost obscure to the remaining parts of India”¦came to the notice of the whole Country three months ago! BJP MP from Kairana and Former Union Minister Hukum Singh raised the issue of large scale exodus of Hindu Families in Kairana! He had listed out the names of 346 such Hindus families. But he was ridiculed by the large sections of Media, Samajwadi Party members and Congress!  He was maligned by them for trying to spread communal disharmony by fake propaganda!

Zee News was the only Channel to cover the issue most extensively after their own Case study and Ground Report! They interviewed the people who are struggling for survival in Kairana and those who had fled their homes! The stories told by them were heart wrenching!  India heard them with mixed emotions of sadness and anger! Dainik Jagaran too worked towards bringing Kairana exodus to the National Consciousness! Social Media made the news Viral! Other Channels had to follow the suit, but tried to belittle the issue!

Minority Appeasement is the forte of Politicians, but Media too? One unfortunate lynching incident of a Muslim in Dadri was termed as Intolerance by Congress Politicians! Picking up the clue, Celebrities and Pseudo- Intellectuals exported this Intolerance propaganda worldwide by statements and award wapsi! Channels ranted on the issue 24/7 for months together! And hence, a Mute and Denial Mode for Massive Hindu Exodus in the town from same state as Dadri strike as a huge Contrast! Such are the double standards of this Pseudo-Secular Gang!

Approximately 250 Hindu Families were compelled to migrate from Kairana due to the rising terror and violence from Muslim Community! Many fled to faraway places like Gujarat to escape from their tormentors!A village called Jahanpura in Kairana had 60 Hindu families, now there are none! The businessmen are threatened for ransom! Four businessmen who rebelled had to pay with their lives last year! Sale deals of their houses and other properties are closed with the price far below the market rates! Young girls are harassed! They are to be accompanied by a male member of family everywhere! Protests from Hindus are met with Life-threatening attacks! They suffer from hooliganism and extortion threats!They are constantly under fear for their life and dignity!

Year Hindus Muslims
2011 30% 68%
2016 8% 92%


After the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir in 90″™s, Kairana strikes as the next massive exodus of Hindus! Hindus were reduced from 50% to 30% in 2011 while Muslims rose to 68%. Now, after 5 years, Hindus are further reduced to 8% while Muslims have risen to 92%. The sharp demographical change can be attributed to the Migrants shifted to Kairana from Muzaffarabad after the riots there a couple of years back!

Report of NHRC Team is a damning Indictment of the Local District Administration and The State Govt, Samajwadi Party for condoning this crime! All for Minority appeasement! Recently, SP leader , Rajeev Kumar was caught on camera threatening a Government Official  that Hindu Brahmins would be driven out of UP as Kashmiri Pandits!

NHRC confirmed the validity of what Sri Hukum Sungh had initially said! The Panel of NHRC made their report public on their website! The Panel has sought a report from UP Chief Secretary and DGP on the action they have taken on the findings and recommendations of its probe team ““which were submitted to the State Govt on June 23rd, 2016! Kairana is just one example out of many cases in States like West UP, Bengal and Kerala!

The Media Channels who ridiculed the issue earlier in June, are now mute on NHRC report! Times of India mentioned the news on 17th page! NDTV and Indian Express choose to look ignorant over the issue! Considering the rules of Vote-bank, elected Politicians in these states, Media or Pseudo Liberals keep mum on atrocities against Hindus! Responsibility again lies on the shoulders of the Social Media that is WE, THE PEOPLE!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi




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