Kalburgi murder: Is the Congress government pressurizing police to hide facts?

Arrests in connection with Kalburgi Murder Case – Congress led Government forcing police to hide facts or media spreading lies ??

It was on 30th August 2015 when Kalburgi was killed at point blank in his own house, and the very next day the mainstream media had found the murderer, Yes on the very next day main stream media accused the right wing activists as the murderers of Prof Kalburgi. Thank God courts in India find people guilty based on proof and not based on twisted facts. Else these opportunists from media fraternity would have made the courts hang several of the right wing activists without the latter having committed any crime.

News was doing rounds two days ago that the murderers of Prof MM Kalburgi have been arrested by the officials of Crime Investigation department (CID). The same news which first appeared on Udayavani (a news agency in Karnataka) also made it very clear that Professor was killed due to family conflicts which revolved around the property held by MM Kalburgi in and around his native. The article says, according to sources the two arrested have acknowledged the fact that they murdered Prof MM Kalburgi for want of an immovable property and have no idea about the views of Kalburgi on Hindu religion and Idol Worship and also they have never ever read any of his books and are not familiar with the ideology of Late Mr Kalburgi. This news created a huge buzz on the social media putting an end to the fake argument of intellectuals and opportunists in the that right wing activists are the one’s who murdered Mr Kalburgi.

As the news caught momentum and people started mocking media for spreading hatred and targeting a particular section of the society for some cheap TRP and termed the twist as a way to make their political master’s happy, the police today have come out in open rejecting any developments in the case and has said that they have not arrested anyone in connection with the murder and only rumors are doing rounds in the state. This statement by police again raises a question of credibility of the police department and makes us think whether the police department is forced by the Siddarammaiah led Karnataka Government to hide the truth or is media trying to play the spoilsport by spreading lies in such insensitive issues.

The news agency which reported the matter of arrest first is one of the most loved news agency in the state and have lakhs of followers right from eminent personalities to common man of the state. Like other news agency this particular agency has never suffered from credibility crisis. But we know how the Karnataka Government has used its power and force to hide facts and dictate terms even to Police Department of the state. The two alleged suicide of brave officers of police department, Late Mr DK Ravi and Late Mr Ganapati has made everyone in the state think whether the Police Department truly carries out its duty without any intereference by the state government. Taking these two incidents into consideration we can likely come to a conclusion as to how the department is controlled by the state government.

But having said all this there is still a lot of confusion with regards to arrest among the people of state. People are confused as to whether facts were twisted after the murder to give it a communal angle and use it against one particular party and the state government forced the police department and CID to go slow on the case to reap political dividends from it because if the true murderers are found then their lie will come out in the open and expose all those involved in spreading hatred and fear or is the state government trying to downplay the arrest to save its face from the people of the state who have got sneak of the picture on the other side of the story.

All we can say at this point is that may truth prevail and also that one can try to hide truth for a period of time but one or the other day truth has to come out and expose the opportunists. All we can pray is that let the truth come out soon and those who have committed such heinous crime be booked and given the cruelest punishment possible.

Ramachandra Bhat K