Kangana Ranaut proves why she is the queen of Bollywood! Says “Earlier our country was slave of the British, Mughals and Italian Govt”

It is a normal practice in India that actors and businessmen don’t openly back or support any political party. It is because of the fear that their career might take a hit. But since last few years, youngsters are standing up for what is right. And the best example for this is the renowned Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. Be slamming the nepotism prevailing in Bollywood or be it slamming the anti-nationals, Kangana Ranaut has set an example for standing up for what she believes is right.

In another such incident, after casting her vote, Kangana Ranaut has not just slammed the British, the Mughals who ruled and ruined India for decades, but even the Congress government that halted India’s growth.

Stating that earlier India was slave of the British, Mughals and Italian government, Kangana Ranaut said “I think India is getting its independence now in the true sense of the word because earlier we were slaves of either the British, the Mughals or the Italian government. Please use your right of self-governance here today (at the polling booth). Jai Hind”. She added “Our country was in its worst phase during the Congress rule. It could not get worse”.

This is not the first time where she took a firm political stand. Earlier, praising the works of PM Modi, Kangana had stated “Narendra Modi is the most deserving candidate and rightful leader of a democracy. He is not in this position because of his parents, he has worked hard to be here. Yes, he should come to power next year as 5 years are not enough to pull a country out of pit”.

Unfortunately, the people who got irked by Kangana Ranaut’s bold statements have often tried to target her in the ugliest manner. Sadly, no Bollywood veterans who call themselves as believers in women empowerment, backed Kangana when she was targeted.