Kannada writer Baraguru Ramachandrappa writes chapter insulting Indian Army and Karnataka government includes it in college textbooks!

Before exposing this so called writer Baraguru Ramachandrappa, let us see why exactly this man is in news again and what is the shameless act done this time to gain attention.

Baraguru Ramachandrappa, a writer from Karnataka is well known for his controversial writings and supporting leftist view towards Nation. Many times he has given controversial statements against India and Hindu community in the name of secularism and liberalism. His writings and statements are mostly focused towards gaining attention and sympathy from the so called secular politicians for the reasons he only knows.

He can be rather called a political spokesperson of secular parties than a writer. His recent writing are mostly aimed at pleasing his political masters by hurting the religious sentiments and degrading the values of India and Indian culture for which he gets publicity, awards and recognitions from his favourite politicians.

Now, let us come to the topic. Many courses in Karnataka like BCA, BSc and other school text books have Kannada subject, which has a chapter called WAR, written by Baraguru Ramachandrappa. In this very chapter, Baraguru Ramachandrappa goes to say, war is a money making business. He says, if you want to be called patriot, then war should be called a money minting business. Insulting Nationalism and Indian soldiers doesn’t end there, but he goes to tell that soldier’s patriotism doesn’t save our Nation, it is only an illusion in broad day light and a business. He says, soldiers at border display cruel nature and they often involve in molesting women and raping them indiscriminately.

The worst part is, he says soldiers are brain washed during training and are made to believe that they get to meet “angels in heaven” for their martyrdom. He indirectly points at India-Pakistan situation, saying powerful countries threaten weak countries of war and snatch their freedom and livelihood. They interfere in cross border disputes and project themselves as superior to others.

But B Ramachandrappa forgets that it is not Indian army which brain washes soldiers of getting angels in heaven, but the Islamic jihadists who spread the fake narrative of getting 72 virgins if they kill innocents. If war has to be called money making business and soldiers patriotism as fake, why doesn’t he join army or send his daughter to army and make money rather than writing such meaningless stories?!

Demeaning a soldier’s supreme sacrifice and calling it business is nothing but giving fodder to enemies and anti Nationals and degrade the morality of the soldiers. If he can declare that Nationalism and patriotism is money making task, isn’t it time to ask how much money did Barguru Ramachandrappa make by writing this fake story?! How many awards did he bag impressing his secular political masters? What posts and memberships did he get for insulting Indian army?

On what basis does he claim that Indian army rapes women? Did he provide proof for the same? Or his family suffered under the Indian army? The same person doesn’t condemn the butchering of Indian soldiers by Pakistan, he has no problem when Pakistanis enters Indian soil, mutilates our soldiers body. He has no problem when pseudo seculars insult Hindu Gods in the name of secularism and calls Lord Ganesha a fake Sanyasi and womaniser. Who is he trying to impress by supporting such people?!

The controversial chapter was taken from Baraguru Ramachanrappa’s book “Samskruti” (culture). So if his real intention was to talk about our culture why didn’t he include chapters about great Kannada poets like Kumaravyasa, Pampa, Ranna and their beautiful literature work? Why didn’t he talk about art, architecture and literary works of Hoysala, Chalukya and kadambas? What was his intention to malign India and Indian army?!

Kannada language is included in colleges to teach about rich cultural heritage and history of Karnataka and not to propagate hatred and false stories against Indian Army.

Such blatant divisive chapter has been deliberately included by a committee formed by the Karnataka government to sow the seeds of hate in young minds and develop hatred towards country. This was the same person who was given the in-charge of revising the school textbooks in Karnataka. Even then, he made the same mistake of demeaning the country’s history and glorified the Mughal and British invasion. Most of the Indian Kings names and their sacrifices were removed or suppressed. Country was shown in bad light with major errors and misinformation.

Unfortunately these people are given money, name and fame and made heroes of secular politics to impress certain sections of society for votes. It is appalling to see such people getting Karnataka Sahitya Academy awards for humiliating and insulting the country.

Aishwarya S