Kannadigas are angry at their yet to be CM Kumaraswamy for touching the feet of Sonia Gandhi, just for power!

Congress has developed a new habit of claiming victory after being defeated. They claim victory despite the fact that their CM, along with more than half of their ministers lost their seats in the elections.

After the Congress and JDS have moved ahead and decided to merge the Grand Old Party of India, they have also decided to select a Speaker of its own choice. Regarding this there held a meeting among the major heads, Sonia Gandhi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi and HD Kumaraswamy today. What was found to be more interesting during this meet, is to definitely raise your eyebrows…

And that’s HDK touching Sonia’s feet as a mark of gratitude!! Wait, what did I just hear?? Touching feet of Italian Lady….Slavery in its Worst Form!! This will hurt & puncture the Kannadiga’s ride to the core. Now HDK has made the entire Karnataka touch Sonia Gandhi’s feet. Warriors for years to come ! The fun has just begun. Wait and watch for more, we will have free entertainment every day from now. 

According to One India, It was reported that Kumaraswamy touched Sonia’s feet as a gesture of gratitude for supporting his party, JDS. The proposal for the Speaker’s post was made by Rahul Gandhi and Kumaraswamy readily agreed to it. Prior to Kumaraswamy’s Delhi visit, his father and JDS supremo, Deve Gowda had insisted on the Speaker’s post stating that it was important for the smooth functioning of the coalition. During the Delhi meeting, the Gandhi’s told Kumaraswamy to leave the past aside and work towards a new relationship.

Please do not forget what Rahul Gandhi called the JDS party earlier. Just a few days before the Karnataka election Poll results, the Congress President had attacked JDS saying that “It is the B-Team of BJP”!!

“Leaders of the JDS think that people would not understand their role as the B team of the BJP. No matter how many B, C or D teams of the BJP and RSS come together, the Congress will definitely come back to power,” Mr Gandhi said.

What went wrong with this B-team Mr. Rahul Gandhi? The same B-Team has joined hands with you and started licking your feet now. Isn’t It? You have flip

“We have not discussed any future course of action. I wanted to show my respect and regards to the Gandhi family. I requested their presence at the oath-taking ceremony,” Kumaraswamy said after the meeting.

It is also reported that the Gandhi family will be accompanying HDK during this swearing-in ceremony to be held. Many other party leaders like BSP leader Mayawati, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah, Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee etc will be attending the ceremony as per reports by One India.

PM Modi is a North Indian, BJP President Amit Shah is a North Indian, whereas Sonia is daughter of Karnataka? What has Karnataka got to say on this? HDK has literally become the slave of Gandhi’s after this alliance. Isn’t it amazing that this Italian lady always finds a “Bali ka Bakra” to satisfy her thirst for power. Do not forget the skills of Sonia Gandhi. She is one of the biggest achiever and the only person in the history of worlds politics to introduce robots in Politics.

Source: Oneindia