Kannadigas, have you forgotten that this powerful minister had once said “It’s OK if minorities don’t repay loans”?

It’s now time to give a reminder to the people of Karnataka and to those responsible voters, who cast votes for the betterment of the nation. Let’s go back a few years and let me remind you what the present Congress Government leader had promoted with a lust for votes.

Why this Karnataka Congress Chief is embarrassing his own party government?

Knowingly or unknowingly, the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) chief Dr G Parameshwara had walked into a trap some time back. His statement “Even if minorities don’t repay the loan, it is not a problem. Many others also owe thousands of crores” had given powerful ammunition to the opposition BJP in Karnataka. The BJP has decided to catch hold of this statement and use it as a strong arrow for the upcoming Karnataka elections this year.

Can you do one important thing today? Share this news with anyone you know who will be voting in the Karnataka elections

Parameshwara’s minority ‘appeasement’ started right from the time of assembly elections in last April and May itself. He had promised fast-track courts to try the Muslim youths accused of terror activities in the state. Some years back, he openly attacked the Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah for not implementing it. He even questioned Siddaramaiah’s commitments towards minorities.

Parameshwara, a Dalit leader was in the race for the post of Chief Minister. But, he lost the assembly elections. His rival in the party Siddaramaiah, whom he still considers an ‘outsider’, turned to the chief minister.

I am a Karnataka local. Siddaramaiah government recently ordered police department to withdraw cases against minority (Muslims) enbloc. They are ready to stoop to any level to secure their vote bank.

Emulating the words of ex PM Manmohan Singh- “Muslims have the first right on nation’s resources”, Karnataka Cong Chief won’t be far behind – has to be in step: “It is okey if Minorities do not repay Loans”.

He started making strong statements in the last few years. Mostly, criticizing his Congress government over it’s performance or Chief Minister over his attitude. He had also announced that he would assess the performance of all ministers once in three months. It had not gone down well with Siddaramaiah. They always view each other with suspicion and it is leading to a turf war.

So now the Congress leaders are having a cut-throat competition in order to gain positions. In the race to appease the minorities, KPCC president G Parameshwara suggested it’s all right for them to cheat by not repaying loans taken from government agencies. They can please and lick boots to any extent in order to fulfil their lust for votes.

Parameshwara said several people who had taken loans had cheated the government by not repaying them. “The Karnataka Minorities Development Corporation, instead of giving small loans, should sanction huge amounts like Rs 50 lakh. Never mind if the beneficiaries don’t repay the loans. Many people and officials have duped government agencies of several thousands of crores of rupees. It’s part of the development process,” he said.

The opposition was quick to react. Former Chief Minister and Karnataka Janata Party supremo BS Yeddyurappa said a person in a responsible position should not make such statements. “Statements appeasing minorities is wrong. Such statements will definitely have a bearing on the administration,” he said.

The Congress has been duping the minorities. “There is nothing surprising in this statement, and Parameshwara has made the party’s intentions clear,” he said. In his eagerness to show his supremacy, he is making all kinds of statements. His statement on giving more loans to minorities has embarrassed the party. People close to Parameshwara feel that he won’t stop talking like this unless he is rewarded with a respectable position in the Congress party.

It is now time for the people in Karnataka to make a firm decision on their votes. It’s you who needs to decide which party deserves your votes… Your votes are precious.. Do not give up them into dirty hands..

Source: Economic Time