A Kannadiga’s Open Letter to Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah!

Dear CM Siddaramayya,

I know, being a Hindu Brahmin Kannadiga, I don’t deserve your patronage the way Ahinda Kannadigas do. We have hardly 2% vote share and deserve all the ill-treatment you have been generously showering on us.  But who knows! Its Election time and 2% can also come handy. So please hear me out!

It’s tough for Karnataka whose guardian has vowed to finish it. You belong to Shepherd (Kuruba) community. It’s sad that this shepherd is systematically slaughtering the herd he is supposed to protect! What is your enmity with Karnataka, Sir? Whatever it might be, we Kannadigas are human beings, not the gullible sheep. We will fight for the survival of Karnataka UNITEDLY! We will fail all your efforts to break us Kannadigas into Muslims, Dalits, Lingayats, Vokkaligas and so on! ‘Divide and Rule’ is out and ‘Development’ is in!

You know the fact that Kannadigas are waiting to see your back! Hence your Caste politics has taken the ugliest turn nowadays. How can you keep your face straight calling BJP communal when your own dirty politics starts from Muslims and ends with Dalits? Have you forgotten that the most caste-ridden state like Uttar Pradesh has discarded the Appeasement and Caste Politics and embraced ‘Development’ with unanimity? Karnataka is going to follow the steps of Uttar Pradesh.  You are going to fail in the ‘Caste Mathematics’ subject in the upcoming Election exams! Wait and watch!

( In the above image: Pro-Hindutva Officers threatened to be crushed by CM openly in a public discourse)

After four years of disastrous governance, you have entered into the full-fledged election mode now! I must say, your ‘Flag Issue’ stunt was quite surprising. Separate Flag for Karnataka state? What next, separate Status for Karnataka? Are you bringing Rahul Gandhi’s JNU friends Kanhaiyya and gang to shout ‘Hum kya maange azadi’? We are definitely going to remember this pathetic effort to break us away from our Mother India even after we see your back!

You have consistently put forth your best efforts to break us from within. You have mocked us Hindus by your ‘Ahinda’ gimmick. By this ‘Non-Hindu’ Ahinda Politics, you have given us Hindus message loud and clear….to go to hell! You are feeling more than comfortable with appeasing almost half of the vote-share by your ‘Ahinda’ politics- Muslims and Dalits. To further secure your position, you tried to break our Lingayat Hindus from Hindu Community. How could you conceive and propagate this ridiculous idea of alienating the worshippers of Hindu Deity, Lord Shiva from Hinduism? Apparently, Lingayats couldn’t digest this nonsense. Your efforts to break us were worthwhile, nonetheless! After all Lingayats size up to almost 10%!  

Your Ahinda Vote Mathematics is still perfect! Add to that millions of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants. Bangalore alone harbours 5 lakh Bangladeshis who are working among us as carpenters, construction labour, plumbers, taxi drivers etc. All at your service!

Ahinda Percentage
Muslims 12.5
Scheduled Castes 18
Scheduled Tribes 7
Kurubas 7.1
Total 44.6


All said and done, your Flag controversy was another good attempt to trap the crowd of fanatical Kannadigas in general. Last time the idea you came up with equal intelligence was ‘Tipu Jayanti Issue’ which was followed by ‘Congress-mukt Kodagu’. Remember? Is the Flag Controversy a ‘laying foundation stone’ ceremony for ‘Congress-mukt Karnataka’?

Your appeasement policy for securing 50 % of Ahinda –Muslims and Dalits is all fine! But a big share of this Ahinda belongs to Farming sector. Farmers in total consist of 56% of vote-share. Are you sure you have wooed these ‘Ahinda’ farmers?


Every day, two farmers are committing suicide in Karnataka. In such tragic times, ‘Flag Controversy’ was indeed a good attempt at making us Kannadigas look the other way! Your tenure will be remembered for the unbeatable record in the suicides of Farmers. From 56 suicides in 2014-15 to 1002 in 2015-16. Why don’t you come up with the electoral promise that corpses of farmers will be covered with Karnataka flag as an honor to the Martyrs? You can kill two birds with one stone.

Whether you like it or not, it is an age of Social Media, Sir! It has reached our remotest villages too! We read the glories of your calamitous administration. YOU are responsible for the drop in the ranking of Karnataka in the list of states for ‘ease of doing business’. After all you were handling that portfolio. YOU are responsible for the outbreak of ‘Tulu nadu’ agitation. YOU are responsible for honoring Karnataka as the ‘Most Corrupt State’ in India with 77% of respondents in the survey voting against you. YOU are also responsible for the sharp increase in farmer suicides. You prompted them to die for the survival of the family by increasing compensation from 2 Lakh rupees to 5 Lakh.

If only, you had been a proactive CM like Maharashtra CM, Devendra Fadanvis who came up with ideas like Drip Irrigation, Farm Ponds (Jalyukta Shivar) for combating draught crisis. If only, you had been a been a compassionate CM like Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath, who waived off farming loans worth Rs 36000 Cr , giving new life to 700000 families. Instead you motivated our Kannadiga farmers to die Mr CM!

We are proud Kannadigas, not fanatics, CM Sir! Your ‘Flag’ is inessential for us to feel proud of Karnataka. Kannada is a rich language which has prompted even non-Kannadigas to embrace it. Many non-Kannadigas have won accolades in Karnataka Literature in the past! There was a glorious time when the Kannada movies of accomplished actors like Dr Rajkumar were dubbed and remade in other languages rather than the present reverse trend! It’s your government that has been responsible for the gradual deterioration in the rich heritage of Karnataka.

This image below shows your love and respect for Kannada Literature and its acclaimed novelists, Sir!

On one side, your government has deprived the young generation of Karnataka of its rich heritage of Literature. Kannada Medium schools are on the verge of getting defunct. Learned Kannada Teachers are on their way to become extinct species.  In schools, as an optional language, Kannada is losing to Arebic, Urdu, French, German, Japanese and what not! Lenin, Marx, Stalin are the familiar characters to our children while they are oblivious of even the names of Classical poet of 15th Century, Sri Kumara Vyasa and the Father of Carnatic Music and Dasa Sahitya , Sri Purandara Dasa.

What’s your intention behind forcing Arabic and Urdu on Kannadiga children? How can our children nurture pride for Karnataka and its flag if they are not introduced to the great heritage of Karnataka? Hence, your role of ‘Flag Bearer’ of Karnataka is as ridiculous as Rahul Gandhi’s reading ‘Bhagwadgita and Upanishad’.

Sorry for elongating the letter. There are still many words unspoken…many issues untouched. But I stop myself here, before you lose patience and toss my letter into the trash.

Thank you.

An abandoned Kannadiga

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi