This Kargil Vijay Diwas Read About How Israel Stood Up To Support India When The World Turned Blind

It was between 1996 and 1998 when India did its nuclear tests. As the world looked stunned India sends out a strong message. A message making it clear that a nuclear power was born. As the news of tests went viral the world started imposing the sanction. Indian economy was just blooming and mean while global isolation on India was pushing back the country. Then United States and China were a close ally of Pakistan. Relationships were not as it is today. India was Isolated and every step was taken to stop the growing Asian power. It was 2nd May 1999 when a rouge nation made an effort to attack India. A attack that was propagated and funded by then world powers to stop India from becoming the next super power of Asia. Pakistan was only used to stop us. In the year 1999 during the month of May, India was under an attack when Pakistan decided to capture the Tololing mountain a strategic point which can not only block NH1 but also decimate the India military presence near LOC. This was not just a strategic move a few defense expert still believe that this was done to cut off Leh from India once for all. While all this unfolded the war was officially declared on 19th May 1999. I have written in my previous article on what happened post 19th May 1999 to 26th July 1999 however today let me tell you about a nation which remained firm on their support to India irrespective of the world turning blind eye. Let me tell you about a friend who stood against the world only to support India in its fight against Radical terrorism. It was between 2nd of May and 19th May when the war on Pakistan was officially declared, India was involved in a lot of diplomatic conflict and was under tremendous pressure to withdraw the decision to wage a war however Indian PM then Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee makes it very clear that India would go to any extent to protect the security of the country and its people. It was this movement when then super power America turns down India’s request for the war assistance however a old and the most trust friend Israel steps in as always to directly assist India in operation Vijay (Kargil war)

Israel directly helped India by going against US and China’s pressure to remain neutral. Israel made it clear to the world that it would stand with a country which once sheltered them. India with the help of Israel shifted the paradigm in its favor.

While the aid sanctions were in place, It did stop Israel from immediately suppling India with precision laser guided missiles for its mirage 2000H fighters. Post the war was declared Indian Airforce suffered huge casualty when Pakistani snipers sitting at high altitude shot down planes however in June 1999 the precision strikes from the upgraded mirage 2000H limited the advantage on the Pakistani soldiers based on high positions and helped turn around the conflict in India’s favour. These snipers at high altitude terrain were targeted using laser guided missiles.

While all this unfolded and war intensified with Pakistan attacking India with modern US and China made equipment Israel agreed to speed up shipments of arms orders that had been submitted before the Kargil developments, including the delivery of Israeli Heron and Searcher unmanned aerial vehicles.

Also when US denied India to provide the GPS images of the war field Israel came forward and provided real time satellite images of the war arena. These images helped Indian forces to design a new strategy to defeat the Pak army. This was also when India learnt that Pakistani forces were also backed by terrorist organization.

During Kargil war, Pakistan navy’s battle ships were equipped with US made harpoon missiles. These missiles were the biggest threat for Indian navy and had ability to strike Indian territory from thousands of miles as Pakistan moved their naval vessels towards Indian shores Israel offered its Barak 1 system to Indian navy which could decimate Pakistan once for all which finally Pakistan Navy not using the Harpoon missiles even at the verge of defeat. Let me tell you Barak Missile defense cooperation still exists. Today we have BARAK 8 advance system against Chinese and Pakistani Anti-ship missiles.

A lot of intellectuals can counter me saying Israel did this for their profit and build better ties with one of its biggest defense market however let me tell then the world was against India, only a handful countries supported India however they reframed to come out in open support of India but Israel didn’t think twice to openly declare their support to India. Israel has always stood by India, then and now we remain the best of friends. On this Kargil Vijay Diwas I would like to remember the contribution of a friend who uphold the true value of friendship and bravery. A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed.

Mac Timmaiaha