Karma!!! Do you know what was the blunder done by Rahul Gandhi years back to the top BJP leaders, for which he is paying the price now?

The mistakes done by you will also haunt you back. This has proved right in the case of Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Until 2014, Rahul Gandhi had complete hold over the nation. May it be matters regarding Indian Army or even film industry, Rahul Gandhi had his influence. At this period, Rahul Gandhi had done lots of illegal activities and for it, he is suffering now.

The Congress leaders and few of the media couldn’t bear the fact that Rahul Gandhi was allotted the 4 row during the Republic Day parade at New Delhi.

“We have come to know that the Congress president has been assigned a seat in the fourth row, unlike in past when they used to occupy a seat in the front row during the Republic Day parade”, this is how the Congress leaders cried when they came to know that their dynast was denied the first row.

But on the Republic Day, it was found out that Rahul Gandhi was allotted a seat in the sixth row. Again, the Congress leaders began to make a fuss of it saying “The Modi government’s cheap politics is for all to see. The Congress president was deliberately made to sit in the sixth row, after initially assigning him a fourth-row seat, at the Republic Day celebrations by the arrogant rulers, who set aside all past traditions. For us the celebration of the Constitution is foremost”.

Why is this not wrong? Why Rahul Gandhi should be held responsible for this?

First of all, there is no rule that the Gandhi dynasty scion must be allotted a seat in the first row. He is, after all, a President of a party that has just 44 seats in the Lok Sabha. His party doesn’t even qualify to be an opposition party because to qualify to be an opposition party, it needs to have 10 percent of the total seats.

Now let us come to the point that why this is a mistake of Rahul Gandhi. Have you heard of the term ‘Karma”? Whatever you do comes backs to you. Yes, Rahul Gandhi has witnessed Karma because this was how he had treated the opposition leaders when his party was in power until 2014.

Do you what had Rahul Gandhi done to BJP President years back?

  • It would help if Congress looked at how they treated BJP leaders when they were in power. In 2013-14, BJP Presidents Nitin Gadkari and Rajnath Singh were not even given seats in VIP enclosure and had to sit along with govt officers. Rahul should be happy with where he was seated.

BJP Presidents were not even given seats in VIP enclosure. Let Rahul Gandhi thank the Modi government that he was alteast given VIP seat.

Rahul Gandhi holds no constitutional positions, so why do he need a first row?

  • Congress is whinning about Rahul Gandhi’s seating in R-Day function. He holds no constitutional position. Dr Manmohan Singh and Leader of Opposition were given seats per protocol. Congress could have asked for a tableau celebrating Rahul’s remarkable 27 election loss though!

Mr Rahul Gandhi, Congress party acts as per your orders, not the nation!

  • With 44 seats Rahul Gandhi’s party doesn’t even qualify for a Leader of Opposition slot, for which they should have atleast 10% seats in LS, then on what basis is the Congress insisting that their Yuvraj should have been in first row? Protocols apply to all including the Gandhis!

Hansika Raj


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