Karnataka Chief Minister’s General Knowledge About India Shocks Everyone!

Karnataka Chief Minister’s General Knowledge About India Shocks Everyone!

While Congress is already facing wrath for its Vice president Rahul Gandhi’s ignorant comments and lack of knowledge, the CM of Karnataka Siddaramaiah has made another foolish comment on Siachen, saying it belong to China! This incident embarrassed the Congress party and the Chief Minister who is now questioned on his general knowledge about India.

Siddaramaiah on Wednesday met the Chinese delegation which had visited Bangalore. The CM who is active on social media described the Chinese delegation as Lee Zong, the CHIEF MINISTER of SIACHEN and said he had a fruitful discussion on infrastructure and development. He put the same message on his official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

People, who identified the mistake, immediately started mocking him and questioned him on his controversial statement on Siachen. The post was removed after a while, but no explanation was given!

Fact is, the Siachen glacier belongs to India, although Pakistan and China call it a disputed territory and have tried to establish control, the Siachen came under the Indian control after the operation Meghdoot in 1984. India has established control over 70 kilometres long Siachen Glacier and all of its tributary glaciers, also the three main passes of the Saltoro Ridge immediately west of the glacier—Sia La, Bilafond La, and Gyong La. But Siddaramaiah has shamelessly stated that the region belongs to China and India has no control or authority over the land. The CM’s statement has come as a shock and surprise and insulted the Indian Army who have laid down their life protecting the same area. Doesn’t he know that it was the same place where Lance Naik Hanumantappa died recently, who was from Karnataka.

Let’s consider that it was just a typological error or due to translation faults. But the delegation which visited Bangalore on Wednesday was from Sichuan province of China, and the documents shows that there is no CHIEF MINISTER, or any government official named Lee Zong! So who exactly did CM Siddaramaiah meet and what was his name??

Siddaramaiah who is known to be asleep most of the time, should atleast be conscious when he gives statements on matters related to country. Speaking against the National interest is a serious crime and attributing the established Indian Territory to a foreign land can invite legal actions against the Chief Minister. If the government and Head of the state can lie, giving false names on social media, wonder how serious are these people in governing the state?! It is important that the Government of Karnataka clarifies the statement and gave correct information on which was the delegation that visited him and what was the purpose of the visit.

One thing is definitely clear, it’s because of such people that countries like Pakistan and China take advantage of India. When the government of a state can speak against India, there is no surprise that Anti nationals raise Pakistani flags in our land. This is not the first time that Congress party leaders have spoken against India. Digvijay Singh had referred terrorists Hafiz Sayeed as ‘Saheb’, and brazenly called Kashmir as India Occupied Kashmir, Mani Shankar Iyer asking Pakistan help to remove Modi, Salman Kurshid supporting Pakistan atrocities on Balochistan has shown the pro-Pakistani mentality of these people!!!


Aishwarya S


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