Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy scores a massive self goal! Here’s his statement on “garbage” that exposed his party

Looks like the newly appointed Karnataka Chief Minister’s frequent visits to his master, the Congress President, Rahul Gandhi is to hand over the day to day reports to Congress high command. Except for this nothing is happening in Karnataka, nor there are developments witnessed.

The Karnataka CM makes a statement that “he is ashamed to see the garbage littering around in the city of Bengaluru”!! But the citizens of the Electronic city have lots to counter the statement of the CM. If you are that ashamed of cleanliness system in the city, you being the Chief Minister have you forgotten that it is your Government which is working in the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP)??

Not just you Kumaranna, every Kannadiga is ashamed of the political filth you & your party is spreading in Karnataka, not to forget it’s your party & your ally Cong that’s looking into BBMP administration. Your statement exposed ur party & your ally busy running mafia inside BBMP

The One living in Bangalore would not even be sure if his area cooperator is still surviving or not!! People in the rule are not even bothered about what is happening in and around them. Citizens have not even interacted with their respective leaders since months. Is this the way how Government works??

What about the Congress Party that has ignored these “Waste Management” works for the past 5 years, you have joined hands with the same Grand old party?? Were you not ashamed when you decided this alliance?? How long will it take you to clear this??

The CM has mining cases against him. DK Shivakumar has IT cases against him and K.J.George has murder cases against him. The Cabinet is filled with such people. There lies no ethics or morality anymore among these people. It is not about any particular party, it is the duty of corporates to keep their respective ward clean and free of pollutants.

People, especially in the Rainy seasons, have been facing numerous problems, may it be the Water Management, Electricity wires hanging and being a threat to human life. Who is answerable to this?? Who is responsible for the families who lose their loved ones?? Isn’t all this due to your careless attitude??

The entire road is filled with Potholes and Tress branches are killing a number of lives and none of the authorities come forward to answer these accidents. Either the BBMP is blind or they have no will to do the repair work. It looks like the work was shown to have been done prior to the closing of the financial year and bills encashed.