Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy says “I’m Ready To Step Down”, after getting frustrated with the activities of former CM Siddaramaiah’s faction

The most unstable and unholy alliance formed by disrespecting the mandate of people of Karnataka is once again under the radar

This time Karnataka CM has warned the Congress party against crossing the line and said that the party should manage their MLAs or he will step down from the post of Chief Minister if need be

He said, “Congress has to watch their issues. You ask Congress leaders. I am not concerned about those things – if they want to continue with this then I will step down.”

“They are crossing a line and it will affect Congress leaders. They must control their MLAs,” the Karnataka CM added.

This all came in the wake of Congress MLAs statement in which they have confessed that for them Siddaramaiah is their Chief Minister. MLAs professed that their party leader Siddaramaiah is their ‘super-chief minister’ in Karnataka, the real chief minister.

Deputy CM G Parameshwara from the Congress party also supported Congress MLAs and went on to ask what was wrong with his party MLAs’ assertions, asking, “Siddaramaiah has been the best Chief Minister. He is our CLP leader. What is wrong in expressing opinions?” He, however, prefaced this by claiming that there was no crack in the Congress-JD(S) alliance and added that there are no complaints against Kumaraswamy as CM either.

This is not the first time Kumaraswamy has expressed his discontent over the Congress party and its leaders

Few days back also during a party meeting with JD(S) MLAs and MLCs HD Kumaraswamy told that he was working like a clerk and not as a Chief Minister. The comments from the Karnataka Chief Minister came in the wake of “heavy interference” from the Congress in every matter

He added that Congress is forcing him to operate Government according to its will i.e. Congress is pressurizing him to do things which benefits them. The CM also expressed his unwillingness to not even counter them and doing all the things as he is told to do.

Last year CM Kumaraswamy broke down during a public meeting and said he was not a happy man. The CM compared himself to Lord Shiva who drank poison to save the world. The CM was also reportedly not happy about the number of seats his party had won in the state assembly elections

It is expected that Congress-JDS coalition may collapse after the Lok Sabha elections 2019 scheduled to be held early this year as JDS is not at all happy with the Congress party. JDS is preparing to win more seats in LokSabha Elections and making the party strong in the region.

Source : Republic World