Karnataka CM says RSS & BJP members are terrorists! But the response given by BJP has shut the mouth of Congress

Congress and Hinduism will never sail in the same bout even though Hinduism has and is ready to embrace the Congress party, the Congress will never let the Hinduism be in peace.

When Rahul Gandhi became a Shiv-Bhakt during the Gujarat elections, political analysts said that he will soon unmask his hate towards Hinduism. Not even a month after this predict was made, Rahul Gandhi’s men have started spewing venom against Hinduism.

The Congress government in Karnataka is totally corned after a couple of Hindus were hacked to death in a span of a month. Behind this heinous act, it was evident that few radical elements were involved. Instead of working on nabbing and breaking the backbone of the murderers, the Chief Minister of Karnataka has started the year-old tune of saffron terrorism.

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Who are terrorists, Mr Siddaramaiah?

  • My government will not tolerate anyone who works like a terrorist and creates problems in society. Be it Popular Front of India (PFI), Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) or Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), we will initiate action against all those who try to create problems.
  • Since we don’t have proof right now, we haven’t initiated any action. There is no proof that PFI is behind the murder of RSS activist Rudresh in Bengaluru. We will not tolerate anyone who tries to disturb social harmony.
  • BJP leaders don’t have anything to talk about on development. So they talk about Hindutva. I am also a Hindu. My Hindu identity is in my name. But I am a Hindu with humanity, they are Hindus without humanity. We should not use caste and religion for politics. I have never done it in my life.

This was how CM Siddaramaiah tried to tarnish the image of RSS and BJP.

Even the NIA has said that the Muslim organisation, PFI, has links with ISIS but the Congress government in Karnataka is so fond of this organisation.

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Even Indira Gandhi and Nehru couldn’t ban RSS, this is how BJP hit back

Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi were the most powerful leaders the Congress had ever seen even though it can’t be denied that national security was compromised under their tenure. Now, Congress under the leadership of Mr Rahul Gandhi is weak as ever, yet CM Siddaramaiah wants to ban RSS and BJP.

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BJP leaders have hit back at CM Siddaramaiah saying that even Nehru and his daughter Indira Gandhi were unable to ban the RSS. That’s why the dream of banning RSS will never be fulfilled.

RSS is not a terrorist organisation, but it safeguards the motherland!

Siddaramaiah calls RSS members as terrorists. On what count? Because RSS karyakartas are the one challenging his power on ground. Motor mouths in Cong are not new but this political tactic is a new low.The world’s largest socio cultural organisation being targeted by India’s status quo.

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Senior bureaucrats die in Siddaramaiah’s rule, journalists get killed in his reign, infrastructure is in doldrums while he rules, cases of conflict and violence in his tenure&after running this Malgovernance and political terror, he chooses to name call his ideological adversary.

When this move became a flop show, CM Siddamaraiah made a U-turn!

“What I said is BJP and RSS are spreading Hindutva terrorism for political gains. In my opinion, whoever spread hate and incites violence is a terrorist”, said the Karnataka CM.

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Hansika Raj