Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah trolls BJP but with the help of Italy and toiletries, BJP rips apart the Congress party!

The Karnataka battle is getting intensified as the polling date is soon approaching. In a fresh attempt to attack PM Modi, the Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that there is no Modi wave in India, in an interview given to Barkha Dutt. He said “Let Modi come 100 times; it has no effect. Admittedly, BJP has shown it has no Karnataka leaders, so they need the PM. But here there’s No Modi wave; No Modi Factor”.

Mr Siddaramaiah retweeted the interview video posted by Barkha Dutt with a caption saying “By waiting for North Indian imports like PM Modi, Uttar Pradesh CM Adityanath is admitting they have no leaders in the state. They have reduced their CM face BS Yeddurappa to a dummy” and tagged Karnataka BJP twitter handle and even that of Mr BS Yeddurappa. “PM may come and go. Here it is Siddaramaiah vs BSY and you know who is winning” added Mr Siddaramaiah.

BJP hits back hard and takes a jibe at Congress in a unique manner!

Karnataka CM said that BJP is short of leaders and that’s why it is taking the help of Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath for campaigning. But this is how the BJP responded,

Now, we think it is time we teach CM definition of ‘Import’:

  • Bring (goods or services) into a country from abroad. For ex: when you get Italian toiletries for your Bengaluru bathroom, it’s import.
  • Not ‘Import: When you get rape accused KC Venu from Kerala as Karnataka Incharge.

It is apparent that whom the BJP targeted by using the term “Italian“.

Who is KC Venu? What are the charges against him? Is it true that he raped a woman in Kerala?

Kerala Congress leader Venugopal was appointed as the in-charge of Karnataka Congress in April 2017, has been alleged of raping actress, solar scam accused Saritha Nair of Kerala. The Kerala CPM leaders had also said that they will file a criminal case against KC Venugopal and other Congress leaders mentioned in the letter written by Nair. Saritha Nair said in a letter written in 2013 and mentioned KC Venugopal and accused him of raping her and molesting other women.

But the Congress leaders appointed him as the in-charge of Karnataka Congress. This gives rise to a question whether the Karnataka Congress lack leaders in their state for campaigning?

  • Indian Nation Congress, have you forgotten Rahul Gandhi from Uttar Pradesh or accepted hard fact that he is from Italy? PM Modi is not for state, he for the country. Clearly shows how much you are worried about BS Yeddurappa, said BJP leader Arvind Limbavali.

A Twitterati mentioned that the Karnataka CM Mr Siddaramaiah was not originally a Congress leader but was imported from JDS a decade ago. And now, the Congress is trolling the BJP for calling Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath. Does Congress have any moral right to do that?

A Twitterati spoke on this matter and even slammed Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi!

  • Siddaramaiah an import from JDS to Congress, whose actions are dictated by Italian import Sonia and her retard son who is import from nowhere is talking about the most popular PM of India. A corrupt CM who is on his last political journey called Karnataka Elections 2018.

Hansika Raj