Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah urges voters to vote for Prime Minister Modi in front of Congress party workers and stuns everyone

Entering into enemy fort and raising slogans is an act that needs a lot of bravery. But what will you say if the enemies chant slogans and praise the deeds of their rivals? If this happens, one can conclude that the rival leader is very powerful.

This is what had happened today when the Karnataka Chief Minister praised Prime Minister Modi in front of a huge gathering, that too hardcore Congress party workers. Amidst the intensified battle field in Karnataka, this hilarious incident took place when Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah was campaigning for one of his candidates.

Mr Siddaramaiah said, “In all the villages, the work for the roads, drinking water, building houses, all of this has been possible of Narendra Modi and us…”

Soon, the Congress candidate Narendra Swamy interrupted and tried to save the party from further embarrassment. Mr Siddaramaiah realised his blunder as he embraced the damage control mode by saying “Sorry Sorry, Narendra Swamy. The important word is Narendra”.

Mr Siddaramaiah added “The Swamy is here, the Modi is there in Gujarat. Narendra Modi is fiction, Narendra Swamy is truth”.

WATCH!!! Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah makes big faux pas, praises PM Narendra Modi instead of party candidate Narendra Swamy

Till date, Rahul Gandhi was creating blunders but now Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah has exhibited his wish to compete with Rahul Gandhi.

In another video which is going viral, Mr Siddaramaiah is seen claiming that voting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi is equivalent to that of voting to him and Congress and it will help him become the CM of Karnataka once again.

WATCH!!! You can hate Narendra Modi but cannot ignore him. Mr Siddaramaiah says giving vote to Modi is like voting to him! This is what I had called Swing after Modi!!

Earlier in the day, Rahul Gandhi had expressed his will of ruling India by saying “If the Congress party is the biggest party, yes”. 

Not just this, Rahul Gandhi went on to express his fantasy. He said that he want to see at least ten women Chief Ministers in the country from the Congress party in the next ten years. Wow, Mr Rahul Gandhi what a noble thinking. But why didn’t the Congress give this opportunity to women when the nation was almost ruled by the Congress party?

Rahul Gandhi went on to express his foolishness by saying “I know, my statement will annoy many men here, mainly senior leaders, but that is the agenda I am going to set”.

But within hours, PM Modi with his scathing attack on Congress gave clear-cut hint to the Indians that Congress party will be extinct in the year future. “I urge the people of Karnataka to ask a question to the present Karnataka CM. What happened to the irrigation project they promised? Where did the money for the project go” said PM Modi in the rally that was held in Koppal.

He added “Why is it that farmers of Karnataka face shortage of water? The Congress government, being in sleep mode, is doing nothing to address their problems. In five years, they ruined the farmers of Karnataka”.

Hansika Raj