Karnataka Congress falls into its own trap! Tried to insult Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath but backfired massively

Indians are the worst enemies of India. We Hindu’s do not turn up in large numbers to vote for the right party and then lament the state of affairs. The one’s who come to vote are the “secularist” people. Yes, Hindus should come out and support BJP in large numbers. But I really commend China, they amended their constitution so that their leader can stay in power for a maximum time, I wish the same for my India but alas as the analysts feel ‘Probably this is what Nation deserves’.

Leading to the victory of Uttar Pradesh polls, Congress went on and mocked at BJP party and its leaders wholeheartedly, which was of course expected from them. One victory after repeated defeats would undoubtedly send them to cloud nine.

Mr Yeddyurappa, at-least now, show some self respect and stop bowing to an outsider who can’t even win his own seat! – tweeted Karnataka Congress.

The first step in becoming a Congressi is to submit one’s spine & intellect at the threshold of 10 JP. It’s just amazing that the party which elected a serial election loser as their President is lecturing us not to bow down to a Sadhu just because of ONE LS bye election loss!- BJP fired back at Congress.

A party president Amit Shah and PM Narendra Modi whose party is ruling 22 states now, showed no arrogance at any point. But losing two by-polls is being declared a lesson to their arrogance by those who couldn’t even save their deposits in these by-polls.

Congress is throwing out its frustration of series of defeat through this single victory. I would say let them enjoy it for time being, as they wouldn’t be able to do it after 2019 elections. The Congress would be washed out completely from the whole of India. Let them throw out frustration for a little more days.

Next year, Rahul will become PM and Cabinet will have Raja, Mayawati, Mamata, Lalu, Yechury, Hardik, Mevani, Sibal. And Farooq Abdullah will be Defence Minister, Karti Chidambaram will be Finance minister. All Crooks will be out to loot again. Probably this is what Nation deserves.

In 60 years of Congress & 10yrs of UPA misrule ppl never asked 4 accountability but 4yrs of NDA ppl are asking what has Modiji done 4 us. This nation doesn’t deserve honest Pradhan sevak who selflessly works for d nation but they deserve dishonest, corrupt dynasts. Kya hoga tera India

We, however, cannot put the blame on people of India for the defeat of BJP in the Uttar Pradesh India in the bypoll, because the same voters of UP had given 71 out of 80 seats in 2014 general election.

In democracy “people get what they deserve”. We deserved thieves; we got it for 50 years. I think this nation deserves complete Islamisation in next 20 years, so it may be gifted with it. Today we are not able to get 1 Acre land for Ram Mandir, what would be the fate then.