Karnataka government is lying, my son was tortured brutally and murdered: Paresh Mesta’s father gives statement!

Since a week there has been a huge controversy over the death of Paresh Mesta who was killed last week after a communal clash. Various news channel reported that Paresh Mesta may have been murdered during the communal clashes and his body may have thrown in lake. The Karnataka government instead of ordering fair probe, threatened many websites and news channel not to publish stories on Paresh Mesta and tried to cover up the entire situation.

But now the father of Paresh Mesta has given statement to a private news channel where he clearly states that his son did not die due to drowning but was murdered. He goes on to say that his son belonged to fishing community and was an expert swimmer and there was no way he can drown in a lake. He said that on December 7 his son went missing after which the family tried to look for him. But 2 days later, his body was found in a lake in a decomposed state. He said he was shocked to see his son’s face which was mutilated beyond recognition.

His father said, his son was definitely kidnapped by miscreants and was tortured to death after which they have thrown him into lake. He said when he saw the body there were many injury and burnt marks. He also said the Shivaji statue on his hand was also removed. He questioned the police as to how did they declare it was a natural death. He demanded the police to ask the local people and his friends who had seen the body after it was brought from hospital which had many stab marks.



When the reported asked whether he agrees with the whats app message which are being circulated, he said he doesn’t know how to use whats app but it is a fact that his son was kidnapped and tortured before he was killed. They have poured hot oil on his face and that is the reason why his face was burnt beyond recognition. He even blamed the police saying that they have helped the murderers escape and have protected them when violence erupted after his son’s death.

He said he lost his son just because he belonged to Hindu community and the state government has shown no concern. He demanded CBI investigation saying he doesn’t trust the police nor the Siddaramaiah government who are protecting a section of people for votes and has no faith that he will get justice.

According to intelligence reports, 2 days before communal riots broke out, around 150-200 members of PFI and other radical Islamic groups were brought to Honnavar by train. This information was also confirmed by many locals who said they did see many people in groups roaming during night. But the police has completely ignored this angle and are trying their best to prove Paresh’s death as natural. Websites like Quint which is trying to protect the Islamic radical groups should first hear the statement of Paresh’s father and then make articles. If not they need to apologize for trying to cover up the murder.

Aishwarya S