Karnataka Minister DK Shivakumar apologizes for trying to divide Hindus using “Lingayat Issue”! Says “Congress made a big mistake”

In a big embarrassment to the Congress party, the senior Congress leader and incumbent minister of water resources in coalition Government of Congress –JDS in Karnataka D.K. ShivaKumar has admitted that before the election which were held in state in March this year his party has tried to create a different religion of Lingayats

Addressing a rally in Gadgag district, the top Congress leader accepted that his party has done a grave mistake during its tenure. Further expressing his views on the matter, he stressed upon the point that Government should neither politicize religion nor interfere in the matters of religion.

He also threw the light on the fact that even some of the ministers in his party were not happy with the party’s decision of creating a separate religion for Lingayats but the government took a stand considering the situation that existed during that time as there were a lot of political developments happening then.

He also reflected in his addressing that the party has suffered too much in the elections due to the mistake committed by the party. “Recently concluded events (assembly polls) have reflected the people’s sentiments on this matter”, he said

He then seeked forgiveness from the people for whatever wrong has been done by the Congress party and said instead of destroying we should preserve the religion

The proposal of the Congress Government to declare Lingayats as the religious minority in Karnataka was rejected by the UPA govt itself in 2013 as unconstitutional. But near to assembly elections in Karnataka all of the sudden state government find it viable and sent the proposal to Centre.

As Lingayat community in Karnataka consists of 20% of the population from both the North and Central Karnataka, it plays a significant role in deciding the political future of leaders in the state. Congress wanted to attract the community votes for which it tried to divide the Hindus by granting a separate religion status to Lingayats.

Congress thought it has played a masterstroke that will help it win the Karnataka Assembly Elections but unfortunately it backfired on Congress and the party paid heavily for it. The results went against them as the majority of Lingayat community votes have gone in favour of BJP and the Congress Lingayat leaders who had spearheaded the move also suffered a massive setback in their respective constituencies. Congress only managed 80 seats, finishing second behind BJP, which won 104 seats, but fell short of the majority resulting in the alliance of Congress and JD(S) to form the government.

Sooner or later finally Congress party has learnt that it was the biggest blunder by them. It would be better if other leaders and Congress high command should realize that it should not divide the people on the basis of religion, caste, community. Congress should stop such kind of politics in all the states it is trying to do so. However it is least expected from Congress party that it will learn from its mistake and will stop dividing the nation because it is in DNA of Congress to follow the policy of divide and rule

Source : Republic World