Karnataka has its own version of Lalu Prasad; Read how Congress is happy of this achievement

Who can forget Lalu Prasad’s “Fodder Scam” that involved embezzlement of about crores of rupees from the government treasury of Bihar? There is a similar scam that was unearthed by the Lokayuktha officials in Karnataka.

In Karnataka, we had seen how it has become impossible for the bureaucrats to function efficiently. IAS officer DK Ravi, Deputy SP M K Ganapathy committed suicide due to the anarchy of the Siddaramayya govt. A series of police officials had also resigned from the service. This is because they had to face the wrath of the Congress govt when they exposed the corruptions.

Now there is a fresh expose by the Upa Lokayuktha Justice Subhash B Adi who has revealed a shocking saga of corruption. Fodder scam has taken place in Law Minister’s native Tumkur. The report says that 22 crores of money has been looted by the Siddaramayya govt.

Mallikarjun, a resident of Gubbi taluk of Tumkur district had filed a complaint against the government saying that there are some irregularities in the distribution of fodder. The Lokayuktha had taken this complaint seriously and started to investigate about it. Upa Lokayuktha Justice Subhash Adi personally visited the cattle shed and had investigated. He thoroughly examined the purchase receipts and book which was maintained in the storage house, but there was high indifference.

In Tumkur, government had release 33.96 crores for the maintenance of 7 cattle sheds (Goshaala) but this amount was misused as per Lokayuktha report. Even in the purchase of the fodder, 21.98 crores have been misused. The Law minister T.B Jayachandra belongs to Tumkur but there is a situation of lawlessness there.

The Upa Lokayukta had visited Ranganahalli (Gubbi taluk), Ullasathopu, C B Agrahara, Ranganathapura, Bhoothappanagudi, J Hosahalli (Sira taluk), Tovinakere (Koratagere taluk), Gadabanahalli Thopu, Ayyanabavi, Baguvala (Tiptur taluk), T B Cross, Aremallanahalli (Turuvekere taluk) Y N Hosakote, Nagalamadike, Venkatapura (Pavagad taluk) and Godekere, Vajra, Karehalli, Hulikal, Durgammanna Betta (Chikkanayakanahalli taluk).

The Upa Lokayukta has issued notices to 127 officials of the rank of assistant commissioners and below in the district for initiation of action in this regard.

Rahul Gandhi shouted that Madhya Pradesh farmers are in trouble but in his Congress ruled state, his own men are eating the fodder instead of giving it to the cattle in the drought hit areas. Finally after decades of hard work, Congress has produced its own version of Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Source: Deccan Herald

Vikrant Raj