Karnataka’s so called No.1 intellectual, Modi hater and journalist house raided: Guns, ganja, scotch, deadly weapons seized!

It was during early 70’s, D. Devaraj Urs was the CM of Karnataka when Bengaluru witnessed the fear of the underworld. M. P. Jayaraj and Kotwal Ramachandra once ran a empire of crime at the heart of Bengaluru. While Kotwal was killed by M. P. Jayaraj gang and eventually M. P. Jayaraj was later shot by Muthappa Rai who was later crowed the prince of Bengaluru underworld, the faith of underworld in Bengaluru drastically started diminishing after able police officers took upon themselves to eliminate these anti-social elements, while many was encountered and jailed there were few who convinced the court they would not indulge in any anti-social activity and would move to main stream of the society one such name among them was Agni Shreedhar, He was a small time rowdy before he ganged up with couple of others to kill Kotwal.

Off late Shreedhar has been running a newspaper named Agni, a criminal turned journalist and movie writer had even written script for couple of south Indian movies which was based on his life in underworld of Bengaluru. Self-proclaimed intellectual Agni Shreedhar was in news for his abusive and derogatory speech On Modi . Agni Shreedhar who projects himself as one of the greatest intellectual of Karnataka and is often seen sharing stage with leftist brigade and was in news last November after he lost his cool post Modi announced demonetization, he probably knew that all the money he had hidden illegally was gone.

He went up to an extent of releasing a video on social media condemning Modi. Well let’s not be surprised, after all Modi wanted to corner criminals like Shreedhar for all those unaccountable mafia money they have been accumulating.

In the Video this self-proclaimed journalist was seen screaming his lungs out because his real estate empire mafia was ruined By Modi’s demonetization. He made a provocative speech asking people to create a law and order disorder to destabilize Modi government.

He also runs a pro Kannada NGO. In this article we are just trying to expose a person who once killed people and today projects himself as one of the greatest intellectual of Karnataka and abuses PM Modi in his fight against corruption. He probably is one of those guys in this nation who was the worst hit in the fight against corruption after all no one really known’s the source of his funding. With a little brief of on the history of this self-proclaimed intellectual post card news will want to make some shocking exposure on why honorable court of Karnataka has ordered for a immediate arrest on Shreedhar. What was he really up to?

Just when the state of Karnataka is going through a huge law and order issue, on Feb 3rd at around 11 am a shootout occurred at Kogile cross near Yelhanka, 3 rounds of bullet was shot at Yeshwanthpur Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) president Kadabagere Srinivasa. This incident shook the entire state, Bengaluru which is today known for its contribution in the field of information technology hinted at its deadly past. A past which was partially forgotten a past which once told the gruesome era of Bengaluru underworld, a past which highlights the fear of mafia.

As police began their investigation to track down the culprits a lot of names associated with the underworld of 70’s started tumbling, when police received intelligence that Agni Shreedhar could be sheltering these anti-social elements Bengaluru police wasted no time in rounding off Shreedhar, Police reached Shreedhar’s house at Kumarswamy layout and waited in the park located opposite to the house pretending to be civilians, as the police obtained search warrant from the court the team raided the house of ex underworld don.

Agni Shreedhar was furious and started abusing the cops and asked “Do you know whom am I ? Do you know how many powerful names are associated with me?” He also said “I shall lodge a case against police with human rights commission for harassing me” while a heated argument broke out Agni Shreedhar looked at Additional Commissioner of Police Nimbalkar and asked what was he staring at? ACP who was watching all this unfold walked up to the Don and slapped him.

Agni Shreedhar which used to threaten the PM of this nation started crying. By then Agni Shreedhar understood the gravity of the situation and started co-operating with the cops. A cops raided his house and recovered four revolvers and ammunition, two daggers and two button knives, four baseball bats, three daggers, two pokers, two knives, Rs 6,88,00 cash, 418 gms of gold jewellery.

Police has also arrested Shreedhars close associate Syed Aman alias Bachchan in connection to the shootout. While Agni Shreedhar is admitted in the hospital arrest warrant is now issued after intelligence team hinted the cops of Agni Shreedhar’s involvement in the shootout. Agni Shreedhar is a rowdy sheeter turned left leaning journalist who openly bashed the democratically elected PM, its indeed a sorry state to see even a criminals of this extent could abuse the PM, well it’s pretty obvious that rowdy sheeters like Agni Shreedhar would not prefer Modi to rule this nation because he know for a fact that a PM of Modi’s caliber would never let criminals and anti-social elements wag their tail. The amount of weaponry recovered from his house only hints if the sleepers cells of Bengaluru underworld has slowly been activated. Cops who will eventually arrest Shreedhar might be able to revile more information on this.

Tasleem Ibrahim


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