Karnataka’s self proclaimed intellectual, Modi hater, Agni Shridar makes stupid blunder, digs his own grave!

A few weeks back we carried a news about how Karnataka’s self-proclaimed activist and Modi hater Agni Shridhar was slapped by the top cop of Karnataka for abusing the police department while his house was raided pertaining to sheltering accused rowdy sheeters of a shocking shootout in outskirts of Bengaluru. Agni Shridhar who now runs a newspaper and an organization was once a prominent member of underworld mafia. Agni Shridhar who off late shares stage with many activist and leftist of the state have started projecting himself as intellectual however in reality this is not the case.

During the raid weapons and body guards were found at Shridhar’s place however being a rowdy sheeter and as per the law Shridhar is not supposed to have bodyguards. Agni Shridhar who was slapped by top cop of Karnataka was admitted after he suffered chest pain as projected by local media however immediately after he has discharged Agni Shridhar held a press conference stating he would lodge a complaint against the cop who slapped him and he eventually met the deputy general of police at Bangalore DG office and handed over an official complaint against the top cop. What came in as a jolt for this rowdy sheeter was the complaint that he filed with the cop eventually turned out to be a nightmare for him and this rowdy sheeter seem to have landed himself in a deep trouble.

So what really happened? Here is detailed information on the same

On the letter to DGP this ex rowdy sheeter said

Unfortunately from 1981 until 1998 I was in underworld. I was a part of the gang that killed underworld Don Kotwal Ramachandra. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to be a part of underworld for 13 long years.

The above sentences were a part of the complaint letter handed over to DGP R K Dutta, like they say karma will haunt you unknowingly, Agni Shridhar’s letter has landed him in deep trouble. Bangalore police after receiving the letter where Agni Shridhar stated that he was a part of killing notorious underworld don has planned to reopen the 31 year old case of Kotwal Ramachandra. Speaking with media Bengaluru police head Praveen Sood said he is going to take this letter seriously.

Details of Kotwal Killing case

During the 80’s Kotwal Ramachandra was one of the notorious underworld don of Bangalore. On 1986 march 22nd Agni Shridhar along with his other companion under the guidelines of another notorious don Jayraj who was also a rival of Kotwal killed Kotwal near Kunigal in a guest house. Agni Shridhar along with his companion and Jayraj were arrested however due to inadequate proofs the case was dismissed now this letter from Agni Shridhar against police has nailed himself of his involvement in the killing case.

Tasleem Ibrahim


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